Saturday, October 18, 2008

Thank You Goodies From Book Fair............

So those of you that know me- know that the last few weeks I have been busy running the Book Fair at my kids school. I wanted to show you some of the thank you gifts I made.

These are book marks that we put in a goodie bag with a bag of tea and some chocolate for the volunteers that came in to help at the Book Fair.

These are the stationary holders that I made and personalized for my two co-chairs and our librarian.
I do have to be honest and admit- I was a little disappointed in how they turned out. I used the Martha Stewart 16x16 colossal paper from Michael's. I needed this purple to match the purple stationary. So I had to buy the last four sheets of this. One was extremely faded on the bottom. (However I knew you would never be able to tell because how I was folding up the bottom half.)
After making them- I was so upset that really the quality, feel and look of the paper was really not much better than construction paper. I felt it looked as though I had went out and bought a Mead folder- when in fact I took the time to make these by hand. I don't complain often about product- unless I really hate it. I have always been so happy with Martha product- this paper is not the case. I do have to say the purple patterned paper above is also the 16x16- and it was fine to work with. It is just the solid paper that I am talking about.
So with all that said- what product do you LOVE right now?
And what product do you HATE right now?
Come on share......I did!


Lisa said...

Never a truer word, I love your card and your bookmarks.

Tanya said...

well, I think the gifts are very cute. I'm sorry you're so disappointed in the stationary holders you made! That really stinks!

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