Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Favorite Five..............

Since I am having SOOOO much fun with the TTIC on Tuesdays.......
I thought it would be fun to do something on Fridays.
How about we list 5 of our favorite things right now?
I think this would be a great way to check out some new products, what someone else LOVES right now, and remind us of some things we are grateful for in our lives.
Check it out- and let me know what your FAVORITE five things are! Link back to me here.
Hand-me-downs....... (I have 3 boys, need I say more?)

New book- The Shack.......................
Stack of pictures just developed at Sam's....................
Got this at National Scrapbook Weekend.......I LOVE it. Non-greasy scrapbooking lotion!
Our new plates. Just another cheap set from Walmart. We spend 40.00 on a new set every 2 or so years. The best part getting it from them is: they are cheap. I don't cry when they break or chip. And they even sell the pieces individually so if and when you need to add more pieces to your set you can. This set is made by Better Homes.


Beth said...

Oooh! I'll play!
1) the silence of my home right at this moment! :)
2) the chance to scan my favorite blogs (better quick than not at all!)
3) My White German Shepherd baby ~ she is keeping my feet warm! With kisses to boot! :)
4) MK moisturizer - man, that DESTROYS dry skin! 'Tis the season...
5) - love having access to my favorite tunes without paying to download! Got some Cowboy Mouth rockin' right now. :) Gooooood times, good times.

Have a super day, Eve!

Leigh Ann Baird said...

First, I envy you your new dishes. I've had the same set for 16 years. It makes me feel old to have something for 16 years, but I was barely 20 when I got them. I am only missing one small (bread?) plate and one dinner plate is chipped. I can't justify buying a new set when there are so many other things I want and they are so old that they will probably be back in style soon!

My 5 favorite things right now...

1. My library card
2. French Vanilla coffee creamer
3. My Ipod shuffle--I clean house so much easier with this!
4. new Papertrey Ink stamps
5. Red Box DVD rentals for $1

Thanks and have a great Halloween!

Lisa said...

Fun! This one I CAN play along with! So, my favorite 5 (for today) (I hope you do this every Friday!):

1) my morning coffee -- whether it be Starbuck's, my local favorite java hut, or coffee from my own pot, I love, love, love my morning coffee!
2) My friends and neighbors -- they are so kind and thoughtful and fun! My next door neighbor offers 2-3 times a week to take my kids to the bus stop for me. She knows that I am Mrs. Slow Poke in the mornings and am usually running out the door with my hair barely dry! Also, my neighbors like to plan fun things like progressive dinner parties, bunco, and girls night outs!
3) My family -- my little monsters, my big teenager (minus the braces at last) and my adorable hubby. I just love them all!
4) Today -- my job and my church (they are kind of the same). Yesterday I was 1/2 hour late to work (teenager getting braces off) and I showed up and the men on the church staff had made a hot breakfast for everyone! Yummy Where else can you show up late, eat a hot breakfast, all before you start earning your paycheck?
5)My talented, BFF, Eve! You rock! I love reading your blog and sighing over the wonderful things you create (who else makes Halloween treats for the teachers?). I miss seeing you!

That's it. It's long because I have SO MUCH to be thankful for!

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