Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge #37………

"If he loved you with all the power of his soul for a whole lifetime, he couldn't love you as much as I do in a single day"

~ Heathcliff, Wuthering Heights

Don’t you just LOVE that quote?

This week Donna is asking us to show a little romance!
Creative Portion:
Do you have a favorite Edward and Bella, Jacob and Bella or even a Alice and Jasper romantic moment? Create something that celebrates their love or how about creating something for that special person who you love.
Comment Portion:
Tell us about your most favorite romantic moment... be it in the books or real life!

ttictag 3460069486_52d10409e2_o edward-and-bella-wallpaper


Here is my project for the week…………….


I L Y F……………….

IMG_8981 I love you forever……………..

IMG_8982 I don’t think there is anything longer than FOREVER.

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With guest designers:

Alison of Alison’s Random Thoughts
Donna of Donna’s Diary

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Vampire Baseball…………

IMG_8093 Whoops….that is not a vampire………….

IMG_8068 Neither is this one…………………

(But they sure are cute……)


edward-alice-baseball Now we are getting somewhere…………………

3460069486_52d10409e2_o What an exciting week over on the Twilight Tuesday blog!
The stamps sets from Artful INKables are amazing. If you did not rush over and buy one yet- you can go leave a comment on the TTIC blog for a chance to win!

Here is another project that I made using the stamps……




Gotta have the beads……..IMG_9049


I sewed this bad boy button on by hand………IMG_9051

My monkey man……….IMG_9052

This is shutter card. I found the tutorial over at Splitcoaststampers. Pretty easy to make with dramatic results! It is 12” long. However once folded it will fit in a standard envelope.IMG_9053

Speaking of envelopes……………….

I have to share my DEAL with you. I found these at Walmart. (I know…I know. Here is my take….the end of the world comes and Walmart and juice box straw wrappers is all that will be left.) Not my favorite store- but I find myself there all the time anyway! Right, now back to the envelopes. They are $4.47 for a pack of 50. They have them in white and ivory. Enough said.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Just Called To Say I Love You………


I made this little card for Alissa. I never find anything with her name spelled with an i. We always find everything spelled with a y. So when I saw this paper and that it had Alissa spelled with an i- I knew I had to make her a card telling her how special she is!IMG_6880 I used my Club Scrap January kit – Gimme A Ring. I had the foil from something else. I just crinkled it and slapped it on! I punched a circle to accent her name also.

0109_cs_kitimage545She LOVED the card. Isn’t it funny how the little things matter?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge #36…………Special AI partnership challenge!

So many things say “Twilight” to the multitudes of Twilight fans. What images do you think of when you think about the Twilight books and movies? For some, Twilight means an apple, for some, the chess piece on the cover of Breaking Dawn, and for others, Bella’s truck conjures it up. Many fans love to express their Twilight love by choosing a “team” to root for, and others have favorite quotes from the book that are near and dear to them. Please create a piece that expresses what comes to mind when YOU think of the Twilight saga.
For the comment portion of the challenge: Many people often say that reading the Twilight saga has been life-changing. Please share how the saga has changed your own life or made you view life in a different way.

This week we are having a special partnership with Artful INKables! Below you will see the two new Twilight Themed stamp sets they have come out with. And WOW are they amazing! Not just the images….but also the quality of the stamps is beyond wonderful. Nice clean crisp images! I really enjoyed working with the stamps! Click here if you would like to order some for yourself! Thank you Artful INKables for sending these out to us!

Don’t forget that today’s challenge is a team effort, with members of the Artful INKables Design Team playing along with these new stamps as well! Get ready to start your blog hopping! Please stop by and show ‘em some Twilighter love!
Kristin, owner of Artful INKables ~Joy ~Elena ~ Holly ~ Joanne ~Velta

twibanner3 650290_d650294_d



Are you ready to see what I came up with these little dandy’s?

I have ALWAYS been a team EDWARD fan. However………..6a00d83451efd569e201053651aa3e970c-500wi Beth is REALLY going to LOVE to see me say this…………

newmoon_Jacob_Bella&WolfPack_1280x800New-Moon-HD-twilight-series-6506069-500-333 Have you seen the new trailer for New Moon? All I can say is WOW. I may not be as sad as I thought I would be about not seeing as much Eddie in this upcoming movie!
So with that said……..


I stamped the image of the wolf- and then went over it very carefully with stickles. I used the platinum color. IMG_9056

Gotta add the beads……..IMG_9057

Love this quote……….IMG_9058




So what is it? Fangs or Fur? Hmmmmm………

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With guest designers:

Alison of Alison’s Random Thoughts
Jacquie of Family and Crafting
Donna of Donna’s Diary

Make sure you go hang out here as well: (Twilight Tuesday is not just challenges....there is a book club, forums, shopping, sketches, and lots of other neat stuff.)

Monday, June 22, 2009

New Adhesive…………

IMG_8574 I had been wanting this little guy for awhile now……


Then my friend Tonya had one in her online store. And for such a GREAT deal. I could not resist! I got the package deal so I could try ALL the adhesive and see which one I liked best!
So far I really like all of them. The gun is really easy to use. Not huge like some of the other ones you see. It takes awhile to get used to something new like adhesive. I think we all like the one we use currently best. However it is good to try new things! Go check out her store. Great prices too! I know she will have something that you need!


I also got this spacer bar for my BIA! I have a project in the works…..so I plan to post something soon using my BIA!
What great products have you recently found that you love? Share and compare!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I LOVE My Friends………….

I got this book and adorable card in the mail from my friend Holli. One of my goals for this summer is to make more time for reading. These last few months it got put on the back burner. And I miss it. gr_logo I LOVE my goodreads. Are you on goodreads? If you are not- you are missing out! Click here to see what I am reading. Add me as a friend- so I can see what you are reading- have read- or plan to read! (You can click on my side bar to go to my profile.)

Then for no reason at all (LOVE that) Lisa sent me this card……….. It totally made my day!



I have never gotten so many PS’s! How fun is that?

Open me……

Since we can not run to SB’s together…she sent me a gift card to go get one on her – and think of her!!!!! What a sweet RAK huh?


My friend Debby has had a rough week. Her sweet Gram’s passed. I admire Deb more than she knows. She is stronger than she knows. I am blessed to call her my friend.

I put a little something in the mail for these three special BFF’s of mine. Just because…..random acts of kindness are the best things ever! They can turn a bad day good. They are a simple reminder of how precious these friendships are! They say how we value each other – without words- just a simple action! Have you sent someone a RAK lately?

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