Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Prima Chipboard.............

So I was at my LSS yesterday and saw this 12x12 Prima embossed chipboard. It is super pretty and super thick high quality. Well I did not buy it because I already have my album cover. Click here to see my supplies. However the more I think about it- the more I want this!
So I did a search online and this is what came up:
Prima 6x6 album covers which would be perfect!
I am thinking I might get these now. Not sure if the quality and thickness is the same as what I saw in person.......
If you don't know what class I am talking about- click here.

Here is where I found these online:



Catherine said...

oh that sure is pretty :)
maybe i can run a chipboard thru my CB...eekkss! that's scary

Berrygirl said...

OH I LOVE THESE COVERS!!!!!!! Karen and I are coming to scrap at GT on Nov. 29 & 30 !!!! We really hope you can join us!!

Brigitta said...

I've got the top 6x6 album and the quality is really good. I'll try and post a picture of it on my blog today. I started painting it, was not happy with it, then covered it with a layer of Gesso and now I love it. Haven't done anything with the covers for the class yet though and still have to hunt for decent cardstock, don't want to use Bazzil as I don't really like writing on structured paper (although 98% of my LO's are handwritten)
Wish I could find the 6x6 album on the bottem over here in the Netherlands though, so far now luck ;-(

Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

Woah! That looks so CoooooooooL! I want it too now. :o)

Rosanne said...

That chipboard is really pretty!

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