Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge #1.......

This week the inspiration is: Rosalie Hale
I know I mentioned last week about the Twilight weekly challenge that I was going to participate in. Well Tonya asked ME to be a designer. I am soooo flattered! You can check out the link here for all the details for the challenge so you can play along with me!

Stamper's Inspiration Project

My take on it: "Violet Eyes" is where I got my color inspiration from.... Favorite Rosalie quotes: "Ostentatious isn't it?" "You know, my record is almost as clean as Carlisle's, better than Esme. A thousand times better than Edward. I've never tasted human blood."
Everything......... (A baby is EVERYTHING to Rosalie.........)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy 9th Alissa............

***EDIT**** You will need to pause my playlist to the left now first. Then press play to hear this song for Alissa.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Wine Journal- 6x6 This one I loved making! The front page has a envelope to store items. It also has a tag explaining the book.

All the pages have the left side for the label & then the right side to rate the wine.

Who's the scariest Halloween 6x6 book. I had a lot of fun putting this one together. I used photos of the kids in their costumes spanning from 2000- till current. I also made two extra layouts for the years 2008 & 2009. I actually made ALL the kids costumes till last year. Now they want the store bought costumes! If they only knew! It works though- the older they got and the bigger - the material would cost that much more!

Alissa- Duck / Logan- Frog & Alissa- Bunny
Logan-Duck & Alissa Angel
Logan- Jester/Jacob- Frog & Alissa - The Little Mermaid
Logan & Lissa - Raggedy Ann & Andy/ Jacob- Top Hat Monkey
Jacob- Jester/Logan-Knight & Alissa - Fairy (Rob as Burger King)
When we pulled the costumes out this year- they wanted a repeat!
Jacob- TMNT/Logan - Ninja & Alissa- Devil

Pop up card

2 page 12x12 layout

If you would like to join the fun click here for all the details. The contest goes until September 30th!

Kit Of The Week..............

My layout of Logan is Green Tangerines kit of the week. If you would like to get the kit - stop by the store and pick one up. Or you can call the store and they will ship it to you.
Click here for the details and all the other amazing stuff they have going on right now!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Look What I Made & Cement Slides.........

I made this super fun box at a Club Scrap event the other night!

This is a mini book I have had in the works for awhile now. I was just waiting to get a moment to gather some quotes. Low and behold that very day I read this blog entry over at StarLitStudio. And she was awesome enough to share these great quotes with everyone! Well I printed them off, added the cute little magnifying glass, and squint title- and I was good to go! I think it will make a cute-funny birthday gift!
My friend Raimi told us about the cement slides. The kids just love to go there. It had been awhile since we made it over there. We met a group of friends, brought our boxes and the kids had a blast sliding down!

I Design For..........


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Why do I blog?

I have never been one to keep a journal. I have never been able to write in a diary for more than a week! I have countless scrapbooks that still need to be journaled. I do this in hopes of becoming a better journalist. I do this to document everyday life. I do this so I don't have to scrapbook EVERY picture! I do this for me, our friends and family, & mostly the kids. One day they will have it all - because I took the time to document all the little things that REALLY do matter. Everyday life....all the little moments you & I can't remember because the memories are long gone.......