Wednesday, September 30, 2009



Well here it is…..Sketch number 6…..Don’t you just LOVE it?SG6_edited-1 And here is what I came up with:

 IMG_0072IMG_0074 IMG_0073

Our Guest Designer:



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Leigh Ann











I hope you will take a moment to go check out the site and play along.  Link back to me as well if you play!  I would love to see what you make!

I’m So LOST {week 13…….}

I just can not get enough of these guys……they crack me up!  Seriously…?  Sawyer with book and beer?  Too funny!


However, I thought you might enjoy this one more………IMG_9442 IMG_9443 IMG_9444 IMG_9445 IMG_9446

You can thank me later ladies…………

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Twilight Tuesday #48………..




This week is brought to us by the wonderful Jacqueline {Family and Crafting}

The theme is Wolfpack, the band between brothers. 

This is such a great one.  I had a lot of fun putting it together!

And this is my card for the week……

Using my Club Scrap Henna kit……IMG_9153IMG_9156 IMG_9154 IMG_9155I will explain Friday (I hope!!) How I made this card and what supplies I used!

Hope you enjoyed!

As always, our Design Team has fantastic projects to display for this week’s challenge – please go and check them out!

Dani ~ Jen ~ Julie ~ Margie ~ Rebecca

Alison ~ Donna ~Erica ~ Jacquie

with Special Contributors:
Tonya ~ Beth

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Friday, September 25, 2009

4 Colors……….

I made these card gift sets just for fun and to have on hand for a quick gift!IMG_9740IMG_9748 I found these at Walmart. Martha Stewart…..they are even prettier in person!

IMG_9741 Mr. Turtle…… IMG_9743

Ms. Kitty…… IMG_9744
Pretty Birds….. IMG_9745

Sir Owl….. IMG_9746
Okay those are not really their names. I just made it up! I am tired and I am TRYING to be funny. SO that is NEVER a good thing. Okay now that WAS funny. Cause Martha always say that!
Time for bed!!! IMG_9747

Oh by the way.......



How would you like FREE STAMPS? A random participant of SG5 will win 5 Sentiment Singles from Creative Clear Stamps. Here they are:

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You have until September 30th to get your project linked to the “Sketch Girl” site!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lisa’s Book Club…….

So I have told you before how I like to pretend that I am part of Lisa’s book club right?

Well I am SO excited!  The new list is out!  

“The Thirteenth Tale: A Novel”
by Diane Setterfield (432 pages)

“The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society”
by Mary Ann Shaffer & Annie Barrows (290 pages)

“The Hour I First Believed: A Novel”
by Wally Lamb (768 pages)

“Skylight Confessions”
by Alice Hoffman (288 pages)

“Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Mission to Promote Peace . . . One School at a Time”
by Greg Mortenson & David Oliver Relin (349 pages)

“Time of My Life: A Novel”
by Allison Winn Scotch (304 pages)

“The Hunger Games”
by Suzanne Collins (384 pages)

“Astrid and Veronika”
by Linda Olsson (288 pages)

“Firefly Lane”
by Kristin Hannah (528 pages)

“The Art of Racing in the Rain: A Novel”
by Garth Stein (336 pages)

Don’t you want to be a pretend member as well?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I’m So LOST {week 12……}


Isn’t this a cool picture of the crew?  It seems like September just started and now it is almost over.  Which also means we are closer to LOST starting!IMG_9290

Had to do another LOST with Jack.  Oh that smile……..

IMG_9294 And the brads and ribbon……

IMG_9291 But really it is all about that SMILE………

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Twilight Tuesday #47…….




It is Julie turn to pick the theme this week!  This is what she has to say:

My theme for Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge is the back story of the character of Alice, originally known as Mary Alice Brandon, prior to her meeting the Cullens.
We don't know all that much about Alice's history; it is described in vague terms in the books, so we might need to use our imaginations for the craft portion of this challenge.
The craft portion is to depict an aspect of Alice's history. You can take your inspiration from what we know from the actual Stephenie Meyer text, or you can use your imagination to depict something that could have happened in Alice's past.
The comment portion - talk a bit about Alice's gift. Would you like to possess her ability to see the future? Do you think that that would be a blessing or a curse?


Wow!  What a challenge.  I thought long and hard about this one!  I decided to use my Club Scrap Harberdashery kit for this one!  It is an amazing valet stamper’s project!  You open it up and there is an endless potential inside!  Pages, and little boxes that are perfect for holding trinkets, love notes, mini items and more!


I added some of my own ideas and embellishments of course!

IMG_8379 Antique buttons and ribbons……


I added some quote tags that I thought were perfect……. IMG_8374

Another fancy button as a knob to open the book……. IMG_8375 IMG_8376 IMG_8377 IMG_8378

Hope you enjoyed!

As always, our Design Team has fantastic projects to display for this week’s challenge – please go and check them out!

Dani ~ Jen ~ Julie ~ Margie ~ Rebecca

with Special Contributors:
Tonya ~ Beth

with Guest Designers:

Alison ~ Donna ~Erica ~ Jacquie

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Seeing Lisa in Seattle………….

Okay for the full detailed wonderful story go to Lisa’s blog.  Denise and I went for a long weekend up to see miss thing!

You know I am one for short and sweet!

232323232%7Ffp9 2)nu=3239)737)762)WSNRCG=329;6879(233 nu0mrj Actually it was ALL sweet:
232323232%7Ffp893)nu=3239)737)762)WSNRCG=329;68586933 nu0mrj  232323232%7Ffp9 4)nu=3239)737)762)WSNRCG=329;66(;;533 nu0mrj 232323232%7Ffp99;)nu=3239)737)762)WSNRCG=329;66(;;633 nu0mrj 232323232%7Ffp893)nu=3239)737)762)WSNRCG=329;66(; 733 nu0mrj The original baby…….

Harbor Cruise…………..

232323232%7Ffp8(7)nu=3239)737)762)WSNRCG=329;66(;;333 nu0mrj

232323232%7Ffp8(8)nu=3239)737)762)WSNRCG=329;687 3433 nu0mrj 232323232%7Ffp9 5)nu=3239)737)762)WSNRCG=329;687 4633 nu0mrj 232323232%7Ffp9 6)nu=3239)737)762)WSNRCG=329;66(;; 33 nu0mrj

Really got to work on the self pic……. 232323232%7Ffp9 9)nu=3239)737)762)WSNRCG=329;68587833 nu0mrj
That could be a postcard…….. 232323232%7Ffp9;2)nu=3239)737)762)WSNRCG=329;687 3733 nu0mrj This one not so much…… 232323232%7Ffp99;)nu=3239)737)762)WSNRCG=329;6879(333 nu0mrj 232323232%7Ffp896)nu=3239)737)762)WSNRCG=329;687 4333 nu0mrj
That would be Robbie our tour guide…..oh yeah and the needle! 232323232%7Ffp935)nu=3239)737)762)WSNRCG=329;66(;;233 nu0mrj 232323232%7Ffp936)nu=3239)737)762)WSNRCG=329;68586 33 nu0mrj

You might have to strain to see this one….in the distance it is Mt. Rainier.  Apparently people in Seattle only see this rare site 90 days out of the year.  Consider yourself lucky my friend!232323232%7Ffp999)nu=3239)737)762)WSNRCG=329;687 3 33 nu0mrj

232323232%7Ffp9 4)nu=3239)737)762)WSNRCG=329;68586833 nu0mrj
Of course there HAD to be Edward…….. Lisa is taking a BITE!
232323232%7Ffp99;)nu=3239)737)762)WSNRCG=329;68587533 nu0mrj  Does anyone remember this?  The slap that could be heard around the world?  Booty Slap was a BIG joke this weekend!

Then we took our road trip on a road trip and headed up to Leavenworth WA.  So pretty…… 232323232%7Ffp9 3)nu=3239)737)762)WSNRCG=329;66(; 833 nu0mrj 232323232%7Ffp9 7)nu=3239)737)762)WSNRCG=329;6879(533 nu0mrj
232323232%7Ffp9 8)nu=3239)737)762)WSNRCG=329;68587333 nu0mrj
Yes I know it looks like a wedding bed……Lisa and I were cracking up about that!   232323232%7Ffp9 )nu=3239)737)762)WSNRCG=329;6879(633 nu0mrj 232323232%7Ffp9 ;)nu=3239)737)762)WSNRCG=329;66(; 633 nu0mrj 232323232%7Ffp9 ;)nu=3239)737)762)WSNRCG=329;687 4533 nu0mrj 232323232%7Ffp9;3)nu=3239)737)762)WSNRCG=329;687 3233 nu0mrj

Our hotel…….232323232%7Ffp892)nu=3239)737)762)WSNRCG=329;687 3333 nu0mrj 232323232%7Ffp936)nu=3239)737)762)WSNRCG=329;66(;;833 nu0mrj 232323232%7Ffp995)nu=3239)737)762)WSNRCG=329;687 3933 nu0mrj
Can you guess which one was me?   

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