Friday, July 31, 2009

May The Force Be With You……

Isn’t this paper fun? With a 6 year old and 8 year old boy in our house- it is all about STAR WARS! When I saw that Green Tangerines had this paper….I rushed out and got some! I have the perfect layout in mind of Logan in a stare down contest with a clone trooper at Disneyland! However I plan to make a stack of cards also with this paper- since I never seem to have enough BOY cards on hand when they have a party to go to.IMG_9372







I could go on and on with the Star Wars jokes and quotes- but I will spare you……today anyways!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sketch Girls…..SG2


This is the 2nd sketch for Sketch Girls. Go Here if you want all the details. Isn’t this a cute sketch that Leigh Anne came up with?SG2 This is what I came up with………IMG_9650

Alison sent me this adorable quote. What can I say….google eyes came to mind………

IMG_9652IMG_9646IMG_9645 The bottom two rows are teeny-tiny google eyes. I wish you could see the card in person. When you shake it – you can hear all those little eyes!!!


Oh by the way........Would you like to win a stamp set??? Go to the Sketch Girl blog for all the details.

Take a moment and go check out what all the other SG's did.......

The next Sketch Girl challenge will be August 15th

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I’m So LOST {week 4}……

Wishing I was on the island……. IMG_9131

I made this card instead with a map of all the stations….



Come on now… know you want to get LOST too!

s6p The Season 6 LOST poster………….

Special Bonus Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge: Collaboration with Dragonflycurls ……………

Today we are so excited to tell you we are doing an EXTRA challenge today!  Graciously sponsored by Audra at Dragonflycurls.


She makes some amazing handmade Twilight themed stamps.  Make sure you go and check out her site!

Here is the link for her etsy store:

And here is the special bonus challenge for you:

What team do you play for? Team Edward or Team Jacob? Are you still loyal to your original team? Or have you switched sides? Or do you play for both teams now? Let's show some love for the boys ladies! Fangs or fur, vamp bites or dog breath? Have the trailers for New Moon maybe changed your opinion of who you used to like? Come on honest!

Sincere thanks to goes out to Audra from all of us at Twilight Tuesday. We’re really happy to collaborate with dragonflycurls for this fun challenge!

Our Design Team has played along with the challenge today – visit their blogs to see their creations!

Alison ~ Beth ~Dani ~Donna ~ Eve ~ Jacquie~ Jen ~ Julie ~(Filling in for Margie is.....Erica)~ Tonya

Please join in and play along with us and leave a comment with your link!

If you do, here are a few guidelines to follow:

For posting to a blog: Please indicate that you are playing along with the Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge on and please provide a link back to our site.

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Comments/Posting your link: Please leave a comment with the link to your challenge piece to tell us that you played along with us! Then we can all visit you and leave lovely comments for you. We are big fans of comments around here! And don’t forget — leaving a comment on this post will get you entered into this month’s blog candy giveaway!  (We are no longer using Mr. Linky as we were having trouble with spam and frequent downtime.)

We can not wait to see your creations!

Well I have a few pictures to share with you of MY creations:


Well my first card is for team Edward.  I do have to say that I do still play for this team! 


I punched out one of those red flocked circles to make a little red flocked heart to show my LOVE……IMG_9350

As much as I do love Edward…..I am starting to like Jacob more than I used to.  So this is a card to share for all the Team Jacob Fans…… {I just HAD to make TWO projects for this special challenge because the images are just so special!}

IMG_9364 It is hard to see….but the paper is a handmade paper with gold, silver, and copper embossed leaves…..
I also did a hand stitch around the team Jacob tag.


Cute little metal charms…..hand stitched on…….IMG_9362


Hope you enjoyed it!  Audra makes some amazing stamps!  They really do make for some great projects!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge #40……

ttictag 3460069486_52d10409e2_o

It is the amazing Jen’s turn to pick out theme this week. This is what Jen has to say……..
Blue. Edward loves Bella in blue.

"That color blue looks lovely with your skin," he said, watching me. I was surprised; I looked down, flushing, of course.

So this week the challenge is simple... create anything you want focusing on the color blue. Twilight related? Well that's up to you.
Comment challenge... What's your favorite color to wear and why?

Here is my blue card:



I did some stitching on the machine……..IMG_9144This button came with a sweater I bought and the fibers came with another sweater I had bought. They were the little packs that are included to have as extras? Well I never use them. By the time they would need them- the sweater needs to go in the trash right? I just always add those type things to my craft stash!


As always, make sure you make your rounds and check out all the wonderful projects the other DT members did!

Main Site:

    With Special Guest Designers:

            Donna {Donna’s Diary}

            Jacqueline {Family and Crafting}

            Don’t forget to take a moment and welcome Erica!

            Monday, July 27, 2009

            Sketch Girls Sneak Peak……..

            The new sketch is coming out on Thursday…….
            But until then here is something to “peak” at.  Or should I say “peak” at you!


            Make sure you check back on Thursday!

            Sketch Girl

            Saturday, July 25, 2009

            Stamp Sistahs……………


            My wonderful special  friend Tonya of Stamp Happens is looking for 5 ultra chic stampahs who want to join the Stamp SIStahs team.  This will be  for her exclusive  Stamp Happens shop!!!

            The Stamp SIStahs will represent Stamp Happens and StampInsanity Stamps.

            All entries must be received by July 31, 2009!!!

            Run – don’t walk over there and check it out!

            Friday, July 24, 2009

            My Little LOST Book…………….

            I saw the idea for this book over on Debbie’s blog.   She gave some great images- so I was able to make my own instructions for this cute little book.  I am sure there are directions floating around somewhere out there in web-space.  Sometime’s it is just easier and faster for me to make up my own!
            The one thing I wanted to change about the book was that the envelopes are attached to the book.  I thought it would make a super cute card holder instead if I could make it so they came out and were usable.


            My little black book is my little LOST book………Copy of IMG_9183



              Can you see the paper clips?  I used those to attach the envelopes to the accordion folds instead of adhering them.  This will allow the recipient to remove the card and envelope for use.IMG_9186



            Inside back cover……………….


            So here are the measurements if you would like to make one yourself!
            I used (5)  4 3/4 x 6 1/2 envelopes
            5 matching card are placed inside the envelopes
            Accordion binding- 12 x 6 1/2 score at every 1 inch mark
            Ribbon- (2)  12” strands adhere both to inside back cover BEFORE you add accordion binding and back cover lining page.
            Chipboard 5 x 6 5/8 (2 of these)
            Cover cardstock 6 x 7 5/8 (2 of these as well)
            Inside cover linings- 4 3/4 x 6 1/2
            12 matching paper clips

            This is a fun project to put together with dramatic results!
            Enjoy!  Feel free to leave me a message or email me if you have any questions!

            Wednesday, July 22, 2009

            Twilight Tuesday Sketch Challenge…….


            Here is the Twilight Tuesday Sketch Challenge TTSC7 brought to us by Dani.  It is another great sketch that I had a fun time putting together!


            I am on a coffee card making trip I guess…….



            This stamp was at Joann’s for 30% off……of course I had to get it right?IMG_9640

            These are my new embellishment of the moment……

            The Martha Stewart bright large gemstone stickers.  LOVE LOVE LOVE them………IMG_9641

            Head on over to the Twilight Tuesday blog and get all the det’s for posting your own interpretation of this wonderful sketch!

            I’m So LOST {week 3}…………………..

            Let me warn you now……this is Jack.  There will be a lot of Jack.  Get used to Jack.  You will be seeing much more of Jack.  If you are normal…you will be okay with that.
            Don’t worry, there will also be some Sawyer too!

            So with that said….this is my “Jack” card…….





            You can click this to go to ABC’s LOST home page.  Watch episodes, bios, theories, etc.

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