Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Was A Great Year..........

2008 WAS a great year. Here is just a little re-cap.
Dec: Focus on FAMILY. These words sum it up. If you missed this post.
Check out all the words. Think about them and what they mean to you.

Nov: Alissa's soccer team winning the championship. With my hubby coaching as first time soccer coach!

Oct: Annual Bishop's Pumpkin Patch trip.

Sep: Alissa turning 9! Having her first group sleepover at the house.

Aug: First day of school! All 3 in same school. Jake kinder, Logan 2nd, and Lissa 4th.

July: Logan turning 7! Having the Baker's here to celebrate!

June: Jacob graduating from preschool!

May: National Scrapbook Weekend at Green Tangerines!

Apr: Jacob turning 5!

Mar: The truck being "hit & run". Not such a good thing- but it worked out.

Feb: Annual beach scrapbooking trip. Love MY girls!

Jan: The storm. Again- not such a good thing. But we survived without TOO much damage!
So yes- it was a GOOD year. 2009 will be even better.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Another Twilight Project.....................

TTIC- vacation.......however.........just wanted to share.........

You may have already seen this bag over at Tonya's blog. This was one of the goodies I sent to her as a thank you for hosting such a wonderful challenge- and being the fearless leader of our design team!
I took a plain red bag that my BFF Deb gave me a gift in........
Added some velvet, quotes, chipboard covered in flock, flowers, bling, and ribbon.
To get a one a kind Twilight gift bag!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Twilight Movie 2......................

So Deb and I went and saw the movie again yesterday! I know- I know! 2 times for me now- but you can give her a REAL hard time since it is 3 for her!
SO much better the 2nd time!


Click here for another Season 5 sneak peak.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Lisa Is A Blogger..................

Okay it must be a week for all my friends to go and get a blog! Lisa FINALLY got one! With a super cute name and a super cute family to go along with it!
Make sure you stop by and leave her a comment to say hello and welcome her to blog land!
Click here to say hello!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Twilight Movie Mistakes........................

Apparently Twilight was listed as the number 2 movie of 2008 with the most mistakes. If you go here you will see them listed out. Now I really need to go see the movie AGAIN so I can obsess about all the mistakes!

Don't You Just Love Bowling Ball Gifts?

We got the Wii fit for the boys to sled downhill on their butts.
I am thinking that it might help my butt too!
I finished this cute little calendar that I told you about here. Lucky Rob gets to have it for his desk at work!

I made these little goodies for my neighbors with some cookies to go along with it.

I used one scoop of this in each bag. This is super yummy BTW!

Friday Favorite Five..............

1. Filling up the truck for less than $90.00.
2. Martha Stewart ultra fine glitter. {Walmart} The colors are so original and pretty.
3. My NEW toy. I got this at the Black Friday Sale at Green Tangerines. I have been having fun with this pink machine! I have been binding like a FOOL! I have plans for even more binding......and if you come to my house in the next few weeks- I just may bind you. Consider yourself warned........
4. I had been wanting a larger cutter. Michael's had this one on sale Black Friday for 29.99. Then another 20% off. Yeah you do the math- it retails at $80.00 - so GOOD deal! So far I like it. It cuts through super thick chipboard. I guess I can even get some fancy blades for it.....will have to look into that! I like the handle for transporting it. And it is easy to see the lines and measurements on it as well.
5. I have been sitting on this one for awhile. My friend Lisa had a "Sale" fundraiser for her school. A gal she knows was selling these Sizzix sets for $15.00! Lisa thought of me- cause she knows how I feel about Sizzix! What a steal these some have been discontinued and are very expensive or hard to get a hold of. Thanks Lis- for thinking of me!

This is how I label my fonts........
And these are what the above fonts look like once I put them in my book. If you missed that post- check it out here.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Everything Christmas..................

Our completed Christmas card. I made 80 of these bad boys. Next year I may do things a little differently....... These were a little more work than I thought. {Isn't that always the case?} However 80 of ANYTHING is overwhelming huh?
The 3 cards below are from a stamp class I took last year with my friend Denise. I found these when I was doing some organizing. I also found some Christmas cards from last year! I have BIG plans for the cards from last year- and the cards from this year also. (All the cards we got...)

The last one is another refreshed that I made for Green Tangerines. It is a countdown Christmas Calendar.

Well- there you go. That is ALL my Christmas related pictures I had in my "to blog" folder! After the new year no one is going to want to see any of this right? We shall move onto snowflakes and coffee right? Well if you are my friend Lisa - that is what it is for her right now in Seattle. Snowflakes and coffee. She has 19" of snow. I told her I would come dig her out!

I Design For..........


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Why do I blog?

I have never been one to keep a journal. I have never been able to write in a diary for more than a week! I have countless scrapbooks that still need to be journaled. I do this in hopes of becoming a better journalist. I do this to document everyday life. I do this so I don't have to scrapbook EVERY picture! I do this for me, our friends and family, & mostly the kids. One day they will have it all - because I took the time to document all the little things that REALLY do matter. Everyday life....all the little moments you & I can't remember because the memories are long gone.......

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