Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Just wanted to share how we do Christmas advent. I don't have our large calendar up yet. I will post another picture once I have that up and together. These are our advent goody bags. I go to Wishing Well and purchase little trinkets for the kids. I wrap them in a white lunch bag (notice how I ran out- and had to go to the ugly brown bag!) I then put them in a decorative goody sack, label it with date and kids initial. That way they always know who's turn it is!
Last year I got REALLY creative- and hand stamped all the bags. This year I wanted to save time- and remembered them TEARING open my hand stamped bags!
I put them around the mirror above the fire. The Advent calender goes on the mantel - in front of the mirror.
The kids REALLY enjoy this. It is a fun and cheap way for them to get a little goody every night before Christmas!


Holli said...

What a cute thing this is.....I vaguely remember you doing this a long time ago but didn't know you still kept it up. The kids will love those traditions Eve, even as they get older!! I still make my mom give me a stocking....and my stocking is about dead now after 34 years!

Anonymous said...

This is AWESOME! What a fabulous idea! I'm with Holli on the stocking...that is my most fav part of Christmas! And my mom has my stocking that she crocheted when I was really little!! It's huge!! WHOOT!

Eve said...

Yeah and the best part about those crocheted stocking is they STTTTRRREEECCCHHHH when you put stuff in them!

Tanya said...

What a fun idea! I never think of things like this...! :)
Two years ago we had a teenage babysitter right near Christmas who did a sort of advent...she used a huuuuge strip of platic wrap and twisted a cookie every couple of inches and used a twist tie to separate them and the kids got to take turns unwrapping a cookie each day til Christmas.

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