Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday Favorite Five..............

Okay I thought it would be fun to show you all the cars I have owned. Most of you that I know will remember some of these. Holli- I think you remember all of them!
Keep in mind these are not pics of my original cars- just ones that I found that look like them. (Colors are accurate.)

My FIRST car. I paid 900.00 dollars for it. A Mustang Mach 1. This car barely ran- but I loved it! The thing I remember most about this car is the way it smelled! Oh yeah, and the HEAVY doors. If I was leaning into the car and the door came back and hit me in the butt- it would literally send me FLYING into the car!

My next car was a Honda Prelude. My first stick shift. I LOVED this car! I would roll all the windows down and open the sun-roof. It was as close to a convertible as I could get at 18!

Next came my Sahara Jeep Wrangler. I think this one was my favorite! Have I said that yet??? Except that I lived in Washington- so every time I took the hard top it would rain! I remember driving home to Vancouver from Seattle in the rain. Lisa- you know that is a LONG drive- then add the rain! Got my first and only speeding ticket in this one! Good times! The good times Jeep was about to blow up- seriously. So I traded it in for :
A 1996 Pontiac Grand Am. A few of my friends had this car. (Holli and Tiff) I had driven both their cars and liked how they drove. It was practical, a little sporty, and cheap. Let me clarify .......this car was ALWAYS breaking down! Rob and I dumped I don't even know how much money into this stupid car. Before it even hit 80,000 miles mind you. NEVER again will I get a Pontiac.Rob brought his Chevy Tahoe with him to the marriage. I liked this truck. He took the above car to commute, and I drove the truck. It was a tank- but I liked it!

Then we went and had lots of babies- and had to get a minivan! Yep- it happens to the best of us. This van was wonderful for having three in car seats and infant seats. Only problem was it had two transmissions that failed on us! And we bought it brand new. However- even still we really liked Chrystler.
So we went to test drive the new Aspen............and this is what we came home with. I love this truck! All the features are awesome- and make driving more fun and practical for our family.The Pontiac finally died- or maybe we got tired of dumping all our money into it. Rob got a new commuter...... Volvo s60. This is a wonderful 2nd car for us.

Okay- that is my car life. I could go on and on with more car stories and drama.......
It is funny how cars come into our lives- how they are sometimes so hard to let go. (My first car!!!!) The memories they hold (trips, babies, etc.)

What was your favorite car?


Holli said...

It was funny to see all of these and yes I do remember them all but I will say that Mike's VW Bug should be added into all of our car repertoires. That thing sat in front of my house enough I can say I have some stake in it too!! LOL

My fave car was/is my Neon. Its been good to me. The other two cars were pieces of shit. Both Pontiacs, both broke down ALL the time.

Margie said...

I know what you mean!
My fave car was the first one I ever bought and paid off all on my own - it was a purple metallic Kia with a butterfly sticker on the bumper :) Veeery girly! When I got married and had my first son, it was too small to put the carseat in - sooo my hubs and I traded cars, LOL! He had to drive the 'purple thing' for 2 years before it died!!! True love ;)

Anonymous said...

I finally put my answer on my blog!! My favorite is my current car, my VW Passat. But, my second favorite would have been the 95 Mustang I used to own back in the day...

Rebecca said...

My fav car was an Audi 5000 :-) I loved that car! I drive a Honda Pilot now and I absolutely love it! I lovingly call it the Urban Assault Vehicle!

Tessa said...

My favorite car is mine right now! A white Ford Escape!!!! I love it!

Tanya said...

awesome!!! Love your first three! LOL!

My very favorite vehicle was the first one my husband and I bought together- a Honda Passport. I loved it and it took good care of us too!!!: We hit two deer (simultaneously...went in between them on the freeway...) and we were perfect, car was not. Then a year later we were in a parking lot to feed the baby on a long drive home and a drunk driver hit us (!!!!!!) we were perfect, car was not. My husband spun out on black ice- he was perfect, car was not.

When it had too many problems for us to deal with, we took it to be donated. I actually got teary! I felt like we were taking our freind to the executioners! So sad! haha!

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