Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Favorite Five..............

1. Organizing ideas.....I love to organize. When I re-do my linen closet (on the calendar for next week.) I plan to make it look like this. I like how the pillowcases are on the spine of the sheet sets.

2. My rulers. Club Scrap ruler from my friend Denise. It is 3"x14"- great for 12" or longer projects. Tim Holtz ruler. It is strong and sturdy with a metal edge top. Also has tiny holes at bottom for paper piercing or sewing stitch.

3. Theresa Collins travel book. I have BIG plans to make these in every line she has! Covers are already colored & cut into this shape. All pages are punch out or tags! Super cute and easy.

4. My friend Holli. I am SO proud of her. She wrote this letter for a contest she entered. If I would have known then......letters to my former self. It has lead to a few publications for her & interviews. Holli is an amazing person and friend. I am SO grateful to have had her in my life for SO long! She has a fun blog- make sure you stop by and say hi!
5. Club Scrap book binding glue. This is the glue that I used to make the book boxes in my last post. This glue could bind my butt to a chair. Okay- you get the point. It is awesome! $8.95 a bottle- but worth every cent!
I was not going to do my FFF today.....running out of time this week.
However, little me up at 5:30am. So excuse the poor lighting in these pics!


Holli said...

Thank you so much Eve, you are such a thoughtful person and a wonderful long-time friend of mine.


Lisa said...

Eve, can you come and make MY linen closet look like that? :-)

Danielle said...

I love my Tim Holtz ruler. It is the best ruler out there!

Lisa said...

Ok, Eve, so a couple of weeks ago I posted the FFF on my facebook. I got a good response from some people, but nothing that would've made me do it again. However, today I had a FB friend who asked me to do it again, and then actually created her list first! It made me so happy that someone else thinks this is a good idea.

So here is my FFF that I posted to my FB:

1) The Beast! We bought a used Chevy Suburban last year to tow the trailer and I have to say, it has come in handy the last 2 winters! Driving "The Beast" as it is favorably called, allows us to get out of the house in this crazy cold/slippery weather! I actually got more Christmas shopping done last night, even with all of our snow!
2) Christmas cookies! I never eat as many cookies as I do during the Christmas Season. With cookie exchanges, and neighbor cookie gifts, and the ol' favorite family ones, we eat at least 2 dozen cookies a week! I love all the different kinds, shapes and flavors!
3) The Snow -- I would much rather have it snow than rain. I love it that my kids (and hubby) get so excited for snow -- snow days, sledding, snow men and hot chocolate! We all go sledding down our street and driveways, the neighbors come out to watch the kids and take pictures, and then there are the ecstatic looks on the kids' faces when you make hot chocolate -- even the instant kind (with marshmellows of course!).
4) Christmas Gift Wrap -- I LOVE WRAPPING PRESENTS!!! I have to contain myself every year from buying too much wrapping paper. If I buy too much, then I can't buy any the next year. I love making pretty packages for under the tree. I don't even mind wrapping gifts for other people!
5) Christmas Carols -- I start singing Christmas songs at Thanksgiving and don't stop until New Year's. I love the traditional and non-traditionl, the ones that make you cry and the ones that make you giggle. One of these days I will actually get to go caroling again. What ever happened to caroling in the neighborhood? We may need to start the tradition up again!

Thanks, Eve, for coming up with this fabulous idea! Keep 'em comin!


Anonymous said...

I don't know how you do ALL that you do...You continue to amaze me, Eve! I love reading your FFF's. Hope to catch up with you soon.
Love, Deb

Anonymous said...

I missed mine! I want to read Holli's article. I'll have to try and find that! How about you come and make my CRAFT area look like that linen closet???

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