Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Favorite Five..............

I wanted to post my favorite Christmas decorations for my Friday Favorite Five this week.
The above cards I made last year. I asked the kids to think of words that meant Christmas to them or reminded them of Christmas. And that is what I got!

Santa face.............
Huge Fowler is as tall as me. From my friend Colleen.
Santa countdown. The kids have fun with this one- moving the blocks around. From neighborhood Secret Santa last year.
Our advent calendar that I promised I would get a pic. of. From Sam's Club a few years ago. I LOVE this thing. The little doors open for the tiny ornaments. The kids will always remember this one. I try to give them the ornaments that reflect what they like most. I put Christmas letters, etc. in the box. You are suppose to put all your cards in there. I like to display them all around our fireplace and hanging from the mantel.

Okay- this makes 6 but it is my MOST favorite thing.
Christmas cards. They are a big deal. A HUGE deal. I love them. Costco picture cards, handmade, store bought, whatever! I love them.

What are your favorite Christmas decorations?


Margie said...

OhMy! Love the stocking!!!
I also love your advent - I haven't been able to find one I like... cute cards! Every single one is sooo true ;)

Leigh Ann Baird said...

Oh, your decorations are so nice. I love the decorations my kids made in preschool. I put them on our tree and tape some things to the windows.

Lisa said...

Good Post, Eve!

My favorite Christmas deco's are:

1) The Stocking Holders that spell out PEACE -- there is one for each of us!

2) My Precious Moments Nativity Set -- It's a mini one and I try to add to it if not every year, then every other year.

3) My Adent Calendar Christmas Tree -- we got ours at Costco too, but ours spins and you put ornaments on it like you do a real tree.

4) My new Christmas tree skirt -- Love it!

5)All of the ornaments on our tree -- each and every one has a memory, story, or special meaning. We get a new one each year and I cherish them all!!!

Merry Christmas!!

Jason | Sarah | Dean | Jane said...

You're decorations are super neat. It was so good to run into you and Rob this weekend. Good times!

Lisa said...

What fantastic creations Eve, I love them all.
I don't know if you ever visited Joanne Johnson over at My Adventures in Cardmaking? Sadly she passed away on the 12th December 2008 suddenly, we have lost a gem of a crafter and a truly loving and wonderfully warm person. I am still in shock!!! Details on my blog.
Hugs to you all this festive season.

Bonnie B. said...

Just wanted to thank you for the help. I love your creations. I visit your blog daily. I'm always anxious to see what's next.

Mommy Mouse said...

All too cute but you know that the "Magical" is my favorite!!

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