Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge #11.........

The theme this week is:
"A Very Cullen Christmas"
Picked by the talented TTIC Design Team Member: Rebecca

I made two cards for this week. They are both pretty similar.
Here is the first one:

I went out and got myself a pack of transparency paper- after seeing all the fun things Tonya was making with them! It is great stuff to add to your collection. I have been busy making all sorts of fun stuff that I will be posting soon! And in case you did not notice......Tonya went and got all PERSONAL on us! Make sure you check out her new site!
The fun little labels are PDF's you can download and print out here and here at Mel's wonderful blog. Make sure you spend some time when you go there. You are gonna need it! She has some great templates and tutorials there for you!
Here is what the rest of the design team did. Make sure you go check out their weekly projects too!

And remember if you want to play along with us- here is the link. There are some new rules and prize giveaway info. So make sure you check it out!


Beth said...

Oh, I love the acetate! You and Tonya had like minds on this one! I'm feeling left out! :) Better dig out my transparencies, huh?

This is beautiful - I love the stylized pointsettias on the background - very cool, hip and very Cullen!

Danielle said...

This is so lovely! What a wonderful idea. Now I need to go buy some acetate and make some cards with it.

Julie said...

I think I'm needing the acetate as well -- what a cool look it gives! This is so beautiful, Eve -- so elegant and Cullen-like!

My word verification is Nessila -- that is so like Renesmee's nickname! Weird!

Anonymous said...

STUNNING!!! I'm so excited you got some transparency/acetate paper! Isn't it FUN?? I'm digging that stuff. I can't wait to see what else you've made!

Margie said...

Whoa! Your cards are stunning!
I love the acetate! I don't even know where I can get some, lol!
Gorgeous job! Alice would definitely approve ;)

Anonymous said...

These are incredible! How do you like the acetate? Is it thicker than the one on the card I sent you? Or is it the regular thickness acetate? Can I ask 101 questions about it, LOL!

Beautiful cards and thanks for sharing the link on the templates!

Deconstructing Jen said...

Whoa! Those clear cards are awesome! I love that. :D

Tessa said...

These are great I love them!

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