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Twilight Movie....................

I have been waiting to post what I REALLY thought of the movie. I wanted to make sure I thought about it first. I am glad I waited. If I would have posted right after I went to see it- this is what I would have said..........(Plus I know some of you did not see it until later- so did not want to ruin it for you. Don't read ANY further if you have not seen it yet!)

It was a little bit cheesy.

However- since I saw the movie, it is all I have been thinking about! There were a few things in the movie that drove me nuts.....................

~Every time the was a DIRECT quote from the book the boppers would get a little out of hand.

~The boppers seemed to giggle in strange moments. Moments that seemed significant to them- but had no real significance. Does that make sense?

~I felt there was a lot of googly love eyes between Bella and Edward. I would have LOVED to hear him "hearing" everyone talking. And I think they could have put more of the book into it if we could have had Bella narrating in her head through the whole book.

~The fact that Jasper said like TWO words through the whole movie. Emmett 5 . Although I did LOVE how he rode on the top of every vehicle! I REALLY wished they could have gotten into EVERYONE'S direct personality so much more. I feel someone going who had not read the books- would not know anything about anyone- except for Bella and Edward.

~My BFF Debby made mention that Jasper reminded her of Edward Scissor hands . Good call Deb!

~There were times when Edward was speaking - that he looked like he was really struggling. His attempt at not having an English accent came through quite a few times.

~Still did not like Bella..........sorry.

~So many of the scenes seemed really low budget.

~Edwards sparkle just made him look wet and sweaty- not that- that was a bad thing...........

~I spent most of the movie tearing it apart- comparing it to the book. (Shame on me I know. I just could not help myself!)

As much as I am tearing it apart- I did like it. I liked it a lot. Right after I knew that I would need to go see it again. Here is what I LOVED about the movie...................

~Baseball scene. The music synchronized perfect. Rosalie playing was awesome. You can just see what a B@#*% she is! Alice throwing up her leg. Edward and Emmett going for the balls! I will never NOT think of that now when I hear thunder & lightning.

~Loved Charlie. It so came through what a lonely good guy he is. Although how some one that cute stays alone for that long???? I wish they would have gotten into Bella cooking for him every night - instead of going to the diner. It showed in the book how she took care of him. I felt that was a very significant part.

~Jacob. I liked him a lot better in the movie than I did in real life. Although his VAMPIRE teeth kinda contradicted his standpoint.

~Alice. Perfect! Although again- not enough to show what type of person she is- and the friend ship that Bella and her have.

~Jacob's dad- very good job.

~3 bad vamps- perfect casting!

~Carlise and Esme- Perfect!

Okay- I know I will think of more as it comes to me.

Bookmarks I got for Deb and I before the movie...............................

So I am dying to hear what everyone thinks of the movie.............
I want to hear what you all have to say....................
And the fact that there WILL be a sequel for New Moon.
Click here for the details.


Leigh Ann Baird said...

Eve, I hope you've seen the movie before I go spouting off about it. Don't read on if you haven't seen it yet.

I liked the movie, but...

I thought it could have been much better. I felt like some of the acting was wooden (especially in the beginning)and some parts came off as a little cheesy to me (Jasper). I was hoping for more narration by Bella so we could see inside her head a bit more. I wish they would have pulled a Lord of the Rings type epic and I would have happily sat through a 3 hour movie if it meant being more true to the book. Especially in the beginning of the movie when Edward and Bella's relationship was forming/blossoming. I felt like too much of that was glossed over and the movie didn't accurately portray the depth of emotion between Edward and Bella. DH has never read the book and he thought the courtship was rushed and they expected you to know things. I feel the movie didn't come across as the great love story the book is. In other words, I wasn't really feeling the love. It's possible that I felt a bit let down because I had such high hopes. I will defintely watch the movie again when it's on DVD and maybe my perspective will be different. Still, I liked it.

I loved the baseball scene and the villains were absolutely fabulous! I thought the movie got much better after the baseball scene. I am still very happy I saw these characters brought to life on the big screen and am eager for New Moon. I know that great books don't always translate to great movies, but I thought this one had the potential to be another Titanic.

Rebecca said...

*Its not the book* but if you adjust your expections {which I did} I loved it, and left wanting MORE!

My review is on my blog:

I definitely agree with Leigh Ann ... a three hour movie would have been great - esp. if it meant more time to focus on Edward and Bella and those first few angst filled weeks.

Margie said...

Loved the movie! There is only so much that they were able to do and I totally understand why they changed things up a bit - the begining felt a bit rushed, but overall - I'm a very happy gal!!!
I can't wait for New Moon :)

Tessa said...

I haven't seen it yet! I am happy they are doing New Moon to I heard they will do all of them!

Amber said...

Eve I loved the movie! I'm like everyone else and wish it lasted longer...but I know most movies don't. I guess I felt like I got to see my old friends, it was so nice hearing the story again and getting to see their faces. I don't think they did anything to take away from the story or change it dramatically, which I am very happy about. I was kinda disappointed in the meadow, but I guess a glowing vampire might have been a bit much for movie goers to see for long. It probably would be hard to follow if I hadn't read the book, but I just thought it was great. Gonna try to get hubby to go watch it with me next week:)

Rebecca said...

Just read your edited version :-) maybe they should hire us to make the sequel .... or remake the first one (no offense to Catherine Hardwicke and the screenwriter) for adults :-) with more Bella narration, more lines for Jasper (not only did he NOT speak, which only contributed to his bug eyed look, he DIDN'T get to do "his thing" - control Bella's fear), take Edward a bit further.

debby said...

So...I stayed up until 2:30am reading Twilight (again). I'm on page 310. After reading, it gave me new appreciation and clarity regarding the movie and I now I want [and will] go see it again (soon)! I'm going to go start some laundry, curl up on the couch and read some more...

I think my biggest disappointment was in how they portrayed the meadow scene...and that was where they shared the first kiss (not in that cheesy bedroom scene). It means MUCH, MUCH more in the book. I wish I could remember every detail of the movie...I know there are parts I missed...either because I was distracted by Edward's beauty, Jasper's
(Edward Scissorhands look) or my own analytical mind re-reading the book as I was watching the movie trying too hard NOT to miss a thing. Having read the book, that filled in ALOT of missing pieces (all the emotion, history, etc.). I couldn't imagine the movie making sense to someone if they hadn't read the book. It seemed to jump around abit at times. YES!!! The baseball scene was by far the best...that was AWESOME!!! And, the prom scene was beautiful (except for the tights, shoes and boot foot)...but it was still very moving - Yes (ask Eve)...I cried during that scene (and during the scene where she dissed her dad). Anyway...I can't wait to see it again (soon)!
btw, you can sign up on Amazon to be notified when they release the DVD.

All for now!

Leigh Ann Baird said...

Eve, I totally agree with you that it would have been awesome for us to hear Edward hearing other people's thoughts. Let's hope New Moon is done up right. I'll like it anyway I'm sure. I plan on re-reading books 2 and 3 soon cause I'm still all caught up in Twilight fever.

Hmm, can't imagine Breaking Dawn as a movie...

Stephenie said...

Here is what I didn't like...
The way Edward and the Cullens were introduced, extra cheesy and yes, the boppers screeched. I was hugely embarrassed that I had brought my husband because he knew how many times I had my nose in those books. It felt rushed, the whole movie, just from scene to scene, it didn't blend well. I also didn't feel like Bella and Edward had been together that long, it seemed like a week or two. My biggest problem is that they didn't portray that Edward wanted to kill Bella so much and that he was so amazingly dangerous to her and his love was so great that he was able to conquer that. I also didn't like the way they didn't develop Bella's and Alice's relationship, I love that about the book. Rosalie, she was not as helpful in the book, keep things the same please. There were far too many things in the book that did not happen, I didn't like that at all. I also didn't enjoy the meadow scene, it was supposed to be so much more! They didn't make out in her bedroom, it was the meadow. I just think so many things could have been portrayed and weren't. Oh, wasn't crazy how the students of Forks were portrayed, they were less intelligent and more pubescent than in the book.

What I did like. Edward, he looked just like I pictured him. Bella was extremely close. Charlie, I didn't really like him in the book but appreciated him in the movie. The baseball scene, it was awesome, I loved the way Alice pitched and she was perfect for the part. The actors selected were wonderful I just wish we had gotten to know them a little better oh and to have heard their thoughts from Edward!

Sara Peatross said...

I too experienced the boppers giggling at moments that were not giggle worthy. I did chuckle a little when Edward seemed to be offended by the smell of Bella.

I didn't like the choice for Jasper at all...I have never felt Jasper was so strange.

I didn't like the comedic edge Edward seemed to have. I have never picked that up from Edward.

I loved the meadow scene even though it was not true to the book, it was great on its own.

I loved the baseball scene too, it was all I imagined while reading the books.

The villians were perfect choices.

Overall I liked the movie but I really had to put the book out of my head while I watched it.

Jill said...

I thought the movies was good. I loved it in fact. Not that it is comparable to the book. I ADORE the book. I adore these characters and it was just so fun to see them on screen. Although I loved them in my head too. I thought things could have been better. I felt like an insider with all kinds of knowledge when watching due to the book. There were times when I was giggling to myself because of stuff from the book.

Loved Charlie. Loved the baseball scene- It was my favourite in the book too-, loved the high school students, loved the scene where she meet the Cullens and they cooked for her!! Loved Edward.

Disliked Jasper and his quiet awkwardness. Didn't think Carlisle and Esme would be "that" young. lol. Disliked that Bella didn't narrate any more. Missed hearing Edward hear everything.

Came home downloaded the soundtrack. Listening to it. Re-reading Twilight. Also reading Midnight Sun the portion that Stephanie Meyer had to post already on her website. It is giving me so much insight into Edward. He is such a fantastic character. And yes I am in love with him. :)

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