Sunday, November 2, 2008

From Last Night......................

Debby- was so sweet....she brought me this adorable little mug with some of her NEW favorite tea! Thanks Deb- I can not wait to have a cup! Actually Deb was a busy little bee last night.... This is what she made:
She is the librarian at a Middle School. She came up with the idea of having the kids come into the library and read Twilight every day at lunch - until the premiere of the movie! What a FUN idea!!! She made these for her "Twilight" lunch bunch! Over 30 of them!!! I gave her some of my Twilight TTIC projects as prizes for the kids! I just think it is awesome that she is doing this!

Okay now these are not going to make much sense to most of you. Every Feb. a group of my friends and I go to the beach Thursday-Sunday and SCRAPBOOK the ENTIRE time! Well this year we thought it would fun to have a theme. I bet you can not guess what that theme would be- can you? Any-hoo.....ladies if you are reading this.....I GOT THE TEETH!
So Debby was a double sweetie last night! She slipped this adorable layout in my bag last night! Isn't it just the cutest Layout Of The Week? Not sure who designed this one- to give them a shout out, but it is adorable- and I can not wait to slap some camping or tball pics on this baby!
*********EDIT*******Thanks Rami! The talented Brandi made the above kit!


Anonymous said...

Well Debby has TASTE!!! I have the SAME mug! ;-) Ask her where she got it...if she can't tell you really fast and know the person really well...then I have (am) your hookup for more! Of course her bookmark gets counted! Awesome library idea Debby! AWESOME!! Great bookmark too! Ya'll are fab. Wish I could have been there.

Raimi said...

YAY for finding the teeth-LOL! Brandigirl designed that cute LO! Perfect for the boys in our lives.

Ginny said...

What a fun idea, love that bookmark! The beach weekend sounds Fab, love all those teeth!

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