Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday Favorite Five..............

This was so FUN and EASY last week- I got requests to do it again!
So here goes:
Handmade bookmarks my friend Lisa made for her Seattle book club......
(Remember the one I like to pretend I am in from California????) Haha

These have been around for awhile.....but I just got this one. It is a Heidi Swapp mask. Which after you stick it down, tap ink all over it, and then pull off, leaves the negative of the design! I have a project in the works with this...... very pretty results!
Another new book................
Can not live with out this in the morning...........
If you have never tried Seattle's Best.....give it a try. They have them in Borders. Lisa turned us onto this coffee. Hence the name! is from the makers of Starbucks I believe. Only it is smooth not bitter like Starbucks! LOVE it!
We got a rain out for our last soccer games this Sat. So the boys are DONE! Now we have three team party's to attend! Looks like Lissa will still have her soccer tournament this Sat!
It has been a good season- and for our first year as soccer parents....we LOVED it!

Please feel free to play along with me and post some of your Friday Favorite Five things on your blog!
Holli did here!

And I loved the comments last week too from:

Leigh Ann


Leigh Ann Baird said...

Cool! I'm going to post my list on my blog in a few minutes.

Lisa said...

Yay! I love this! Ok, my Friday Favorite 5 for today is:

1) Snuggling in bed with my babies -- I had both Alex and Sarah in bed with me this morning!
2) Email -- I love checking my email! I'm on it multiple times a day and always look forward to messages from my friends -- like this one!
3) My book stand for the bathroom -- I am a voracious reader and try to read at every available moment. My book stand allows me to read while I get ready for the day. Best b-day gift ever!
4)TIVO -- I can't always watch my favorite shows when they come on, so I love being able to watch them a few days later while doing the laundry or cleaning the house.
5)Crop Club -- I'm scrapbooking tonight! Yay! I am sooooo far behind in my scrapbooks -- I need to scrapbook tonight!

Thanks Eve! I think you should do this every Friday! It makes me think about the many blessings in my life, or even just this week.

Eve said...

Thanks Lis!
I LOVE your list!
I have got to get one of those book holders!
Since it take me 1/2 hour at least to dry my hair!
Your friendship is MY blessing!
Thank you!

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