Sunday, July 20, 2008

Scrap Stash.....

I had to wait to post this one since I made it for Lisa!

It is a Stampin' Up box- made into a candy box for cropping. I store my stamps in a different system, so I have lots of these boxes. These make great gifts for teachers too! Just change the theme to "Emergency" or "Desperation" or "Bribery"!
Super easy to make: Clean out box well FIRST! Use double sided paper to cover top (will show through inside.) Cover paper top with clear contact paper. (I used the CK approved kind.) Decorate, embellish, and title as desired. Fill with goodies!

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Lisa said...

I love my scrap stash! I can't wait to show it off the next time I go scrappin! You are so creative! Thanks Eve!

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