Thursday, July 3, 2008

A trip to the dentist.....

Logan at the dentist! He had a loose tooth for awhile- a long while actually! He went and pulled it out because he was afraid he would "swallow" it while getting his teeth cleaned!
Alissa and Jake- trying to be good while waiting for Logan! It is not much fun to go to the dentist when you are not the one getting your teeth cleaned! Haha. My kids LOVE going to the dentist! And of course I had nothing to bribe them with- since they did not get to pick a toy out of the treasure chest!
Jacob had the most fun playing with this HUGE mouth and toothbrush! He kept brushing it's teeth. When he went to put the GIANT toothbrush in his mouth to brush- that was it for ME!
It went up and away!!! I wonder how many kids have tried to do the same thing????

Nice shades!
Enjoy your day!

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