Monday, July 28, 2008

Beach Layout.....

This is the KOTW from Green Tangerines.
Pictures are as follows:
Me scrapin', sunset at the beach (the beach ball covered up the date stamp in the lower corner.) As much as I love knowing the dates of my pictures- I am forever trying to crop out date stamps! So this was an easy solution to that pet-peeve! The cropping room with me, Lisa, Denise, Michelle & Raimi (Deb's taking the picture.) Sorry for the glare...., Raimi all decked out in her DJ gear! She played DJ (and did a FINE job at it) the year before- so we got her all this crazy teeth, necklaces, rings, etc. I must say she was very hesitant to put those teeth in her mouth.... she said something like... "lead covered" or something! She was a good sport and popped them in her mouth just for the picture. And 5 months later she is still with us- so they must have only had a slight coating of lead! Deb on the beach, Lis and I. Click on the journaling if you want to read. Of course that little journal box was not nearly big enough for me to cover all the fun and highlights!
Thanks Brandi! These kits are fun and super easy to add pictures to. Especially when you are tired and not in the creative thinking mode! I used it for my beach scrapbooking weekend pictures. Only I did not have enough vertical pictures - so I had to adapt my pictures a little bit. I think it still turned out cute! We had so much fun on this trip. I can not wait until our next one!


Lisa said...

Love this! What a great kit for this event! You are getting so caught up girl -- what will you do next time?

Raimi said...

Yeah-I loved my DJ bling...I still have it. My boys are always trying to steal it from me-HA! That sure was a FUN weekend!


Tanya said...

Great layout! That was exactly what I was looking for- inspiration to get some scrapping done tonight! Looks like you had lots of fun!

Lisa said...

Love this card, the sentiments are a hoot!!!
Love the colours too.

Lisa said...
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