Thursday, July 10, 2008

Holding Hostage.........

"Oh Leeeeeessssaaaaa.....
Someone dropped a goodie of at my house today for you!"
(I am currently holding it hostage!)
For those of you that have no idea what this is or what I am talking about I will explain!
Lisa is one of my best friends. She lives in Seattle. I am sure you either know her- or have heard me talk about her.
So she is coming to Cali for a visit next week. Luckily for her they are driving. She is going to need to rent a trailer to take home all the CRAP we have for her!
First of all Alissa has a HUGE bag of Disney Princess stuff for her daughter! I won't even go into details there- TOO much to list! Haha- like I said Uhaul!!
This is the super duper "Benford 2000" Crop In Style paper carrier. It holds a million sheets of paper! It folds up neatly and you can take it wherever you want to take it- "LIKE TO THE BEACH!" Oh wait- that is not till February!
Right then, back to the paper carrier. It is great because you can open it and have all your paper right at your finger tips- and have a little extra spot on top to boot!
So let me make this LONG story as short as possible....
At the beach Denise made mention of getting rid of this awesome gadget- and Lisa was like "wwwhhhaaawww" and her head did a total 360 in Denise's direction. So with much planning and Lisa DRIVING down to get it in JULY 5 months later she will FINALLY have it!
However she must first get it out of my "Kung Fu Death Grip".
(Notice all the fun items that Denise and I have put with it.....)
The stack of paper, the "BEHIND THE WHEEL" stuff (because her oldest son will be driving soon!), and the Green Tangerines kit of the week- that she pitched a fit till she got!!!
Okay seriously- can't wait to see her and the family!!!
Like I said you just have to pry this out of my hands first......
No seriously- I ALREADY have one!!!


Lisa said...

You are cracking me up!!!!!! Yay for me!!


Rob & Eve said...

Okay I made the part up about you throwing a fit to get the kit of the week- but it was funny!

Lisa said...

I love you guys! Thank you!!!

Raimi said...

I was going to say "welcome to the world of blogging" but it loks like you have been at it for a while! Fun to see your projects!

Lisa said...

Thank you, again! I love my new paper storage system!!! I'm so glad you gave it up willingly! tee hee hee

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