Friday, August 7, 2009

Randomness……..and a lot of it………..

I FINALLY spent my Bday gift card from Holli. I know my birthday was in Feb. I have been stupid busy- so still playing catch up. Thank you Holli! Teavana is the coolest store EVER. I am spending a lot of time there. The MateVana/ Roobias Chai is my favorite right now. Okay that AND Earl Grey creme. There are so many I want to try still…..See that ubber cool box? It is satin lined….wow. Yeah I big plans for that bad boy…….

Let talk RAK’s shall we? Above is a wonderful handmade card and stamp set that was waiting for me the last time I went to scrappy hour at Green Tangerines! My friends from Hayward, CA are so sweet! Don’t you just love all the new friends you make thru crafting? I hardly ever get handmade gifts or cards…so when I do – it is a super big deal to me!


Rebecca whom I design with on the TTIC sent me this beautiful bookmark. Funny enough I was using it when I was reading “Change of Heart”. Thought that was kinda funny! It is beautiful and I love the weight of the charms and beads. (Where did you pick those up BTW Rebecca?) Thank you- I love it!IMG_9689 Now this came in the mail the other day. It had no sender info. For the life of me- I could not figure it out where it had come from. I did not order it. So I was very stumped! Let me just say to my friends who have not seen my SU stamp pad….. it was WELL LOVED. It was in two parts and the pads were a little frayed. But heck it still worked fine! Well apparently Debby did not think so when she borrowed it! Haha. Thanks Deb for sending me this. Yes I will admit now that I have a new fresh one…I did need a new one! Oh and by the way she told me you can order new pads for these little guys….who knew?

IMG_9872 Got my new kit from Green Tangerines! So many good things in it! Stay tuned for more sneaks peaks of it…….

IMG_9907I made this card for one of Rob’s friends. His birthday is today. They coach baseball and soccer together and are a hoot together. They call each other Suzie and Alice- (saying that they are acting like women) and tease each other constantly. Even though they are about the same size…my hubby likes to tell him his is BIG! And Rick tells my hubby that he is small. Well my hubby is 6 feet- so not really small. Anyway it is pretty funny. So I made this one for Rick……He is suppose to be the tall one in the dress…..haha

My friend Lisa D. left this for me at Green Tangerines. I was in awe! It is so pretty I do not even want to use it! So many lovely ribbons and tiny jewels. I don’t want to mess it up! She TOLD me to make her some die cuts while she was in town for her mother’s page. And believe me I was scared- so yes I did it! This is what she left me when she left…… sweet was that? Thanks Lisa!

IMG_9934What have I been doing this week you ask? Well the principal of my kids school gave me this sketch and asked if I could make a backdrop for the multipurpose room. Don’t let the pictures fool you…the space is HUGE! And the catch was – the wall is made of strange material so you can not staple, or use push pins to put anything up. It had to be packing tape! Which of course had to have every corner or loose edge sealed since you know how little fingers like to tear………I will post more pictures once the teachers add their additions to it! It was fun – and I like the way it turned out.

And last but not least…..waiting for my Club Scrap kit to come in the mail………look at it…!



Lisa said...

Girl! So many comments I want to make about your post, that I may just have to call you! That background is unbelievable! I had no idea that it was so big when you and I taked about it! And, that tea place is closer than I thought to me. It is at the mall where I get my hair cut and I was just there yesterday! Dog it! And I'm sorry you don't get too many homemade items. I wish I was more creative and could send you stuff!

Can't wait to see you next month!!!

Holli said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday present :) You have certainly been busy!!

Rebecca said...

I {heart} randomness! Thanks for sharing it with us! PS the red heart beads were from Michael's - they sell them on the strings (I forget what the brand is but they're usually a free standing display) the other beads came from "my stash" from various sources!

Jamee said...

that vookmark is beautiful! sounds like your husband is a character!! lol

Lisa Dones said...

I knew Debby sent the pad!! I didn't actually know, but I thought it was her, she seems very sweet and that was a very sweet thing to do!! Thanks for posting all the goodies it is always a thrill to be mentioned on a blog!! You are so funny!! Did I tell you to cut the letters or did i beg ever so politely!!?!? I seem to have such an adverse effect on people I must work on that.... Or not !!! ;0) we just love Rocklin, The GT, and all the friends we've made, especially you ;0)

Leigh Ann Baird said...

Looks like I need to befriend Debby. My SU scrubber pad thingy is terrible--both of them! LOL

The background you made is fabulous and I hope my kid's school never, ever asks me to do anything like that! another LOL

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