Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I’m So LOST……{week 6}

Isn’t this funny?



Are you wondering what it would cost to have your very own collectable Jack doll?  Yeah most people are probably not…..
Myself I would actually like to have one.  He would go well with my Edward doll.  (Even though he still lives in his box.)


But then my kids would get a hold of them and ruin them.  And then they would not be collectables anymore.  I can not even begin to tell you how badly my kids want to open that Edward box…

Oh yeah the price……….
$99.00  Click here if you do not believe me!
Can you believe it?  Yeah no sorry- not gonna happen!

This is my card for the week……..


Added some rugged brads….cause Jack is pretty rugged!

IMG_9263 He IS looking kinda dazed and confused…….


Isn’t this stamp cool?  Audra made it special for me!  If you would like one- or have something else in mind she can make something custom order for you.  Click here to go to her Etsy store. IMG_9262


Leigh Ann Baird said...

You could at least pull Edward out of the box every now and then and lick him or something.

Julie said...

I must admit -- my Edward is out of his box. He sits near my desk and supervises my crafty activities. I love this card -- that "Lost" stamp is great!

I just have to add -- my word verification is "renisme" -- that is so close to Renesmee! How odd!

stampvamp said...

wow! this is a fantastic card! I still haven't seen Lost but it sure sounds like I should!

Debby said...

I think we should invite Jack in February (wink) ;-). We certainly don't want Edward feeling awkward about being the only boy at our gathering (although he didn't seem to mind)...LOL!!!

Deconstructing Jen said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! The layout the paper... it all coordinates to perfection. Really nice Eve!

Lisa Dones said...

Aren't you a little old to be playing with dolls! Even if they are boy dolls!

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