Friday, August 14, 2009

Green Tangerines Kit Club Projects………..


Got some more Green Tangerines Kit Club stuff to show you:

May Layouts:


Jacob’s Bday……some cute faces in this one!




Lissa’s first science fair project…….. 3812394833_4fd8c6794f

3813209980_5af8a06495 It was not easy making an arrow on the sewing machine……..



Oh yeah we went to the circus……..3812394173_8c3b34058e

Loads and loads of Elephant BUTT…..but it was still fun!



May Cards:


Jacob was with me when I was looking thru this kit. He said “mom that looks like a tree” when he saw this felt ribbon. So guess what? I made it into a tree…… 3813208764_ebd79b1d68I never intended for this to look like sesame street. And when I turned it in I knew it reminded me of something. Now not having seen it for awhile……I TOTALLY see it. What the heck? All it is missing is a grouch or a big bird!

June Layouts:

Girl Scout Troop Dump tour……stinky…..but a reminder to be more green everyday……3809855026_e4b72cb0c6

3809855518_d7c211f6c4 Spectacular……….


Lissa’s 4th grade field day…….


Pretty funny…click on the pics and journaling……



Again at the circus……3809853440_a5dd57a86d

I was absolutely appalled that they wanted to hold that thing….much less put it around their necks. Shedding snake skin and all…….eeewwwww. However it did make for some cool pics!



June Cards:


Congratulations……. 3809039129_cc9bde641e Happy Birthday……

Can not wait to share my JULY projects with you as well.
Click on July if you would like to order one for yourself!

Make sure you go to the Green Tangerines Kit Club Flicker here to check out all the other lovely ladies creations!


Dani said...

You have been BUSY making some great projects!! You are so talented!

Alison said...

These are ALL awesome! I esp. love the top 2 layouts! The colors, the spread itself, everything! Love!

Leigh Ann Baird said...

I was just telling Harriet yesterday that you periodically post your Green Tangerines scrapbook layouts and how awesome they are! All your projects are great and I think the Science Fair layout is my fav. I can't imagine how hard it is to sew an arrow!

Deconstructing Jen said...

Oh my. You have been one busy lady. These are all stunning. I LOVE your layout style for your scrapbooks! I wish I had those for my kids, those are just WOW.

Donna said...

Eve...Wow! ALL of this is is just amazing...Your work is just so stunning, I love coming and checking out all your creations...You really do inspire me....Xx

Lisa Dones said...

Oh just when I decided that kits weren't for me you go show off all your cute stuff!!! Humm.., what to do?!?!?

Tanya said...

How FUN!!! Such great pages, I lvoe it!!!

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