Monday, August 18, 2008

Twilight Movie.....

Okay this news just made my day! The Twilight movie is coming out sooner than we all thought!
I doubt that will make the Harry fans very happy though!
Click here for the info.
And oh by the way- if you have not already go to the bottom of my blog and check out what is there for all you Twilight fans!
BTW- who has finished Breaking Dawn? I finished it last week.....LOVED it!

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Lisa said...

Finished it on my trip! Loved it! However, the end bothered me -- Bella as the ultimate vampire? Come on! However, I'm looking forward to the next book! Did I hear you correctly when you said it may be narrated by Edward? Bring it on!!!!!

PS: yes, I am pissed that HP is postponed! What a HUGE bummer!

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