Thursday, August 14, 2008

Been Tagged......

I was tagged by these two FABULOUS ladies:
Click on their names and check out their fun & adorable blogs!
I am not sure I can come up with seven people....
Lisa & Gina (two great sister's that I scrapped with at NSW)
Holli (My longest-time bestest friend)
Raimi (Another wonderful friend)
Nancy (I LOVE her blog! Go check it out...)

A lot of my other friends that I know check out my blog - that need to get a blog..... if they HAD a blog I could tag them.....
Lisa B.

Okay seven random facts:
1. My graduating class in HS was only 30 people.
2. I LOVE to go places by myself. Movies, out to eat, etc. Always have.....Always will.
3. Once I start something- I have to finish it.
4. I LOVE to organize. ANYTHING. As a kid I would make sure all my clothes were color coordinated in the closet. All the hangers going the right way. All my books in alpha-order.
5. You can move something a 1/4" and when I walk into the room I will notice it. (There is probably a clinical term for this??? haha)
6. My mind is FULL of useless knowledge. (However this does come in handy watching game shows!)
7. I have always liked quirky and harsh people. And for some reason they like me too!

This is fun...I could come up with a million of these! However my mind is not operating at full capacity since I just left Jacob crying at kindergarten drop off today. Uggghhh. That was a hard one- just wanted to bring him back home with me!

Leave me a comment- I would love to hear some quirky weird facts about you!


Lisa said...

Aw you r so welcome Eve, it is so deserved. I love your blog, it is full of inspirational projects. I really love that there is a different song every time I visit.

I am on my hols for 2 weeks now but have scheduled some projects over that time, would love to know what you think.


Berrygirl said...

Hi Eve, I just found you last night through Raimis blog also! I was going to say hello to you tonight! Thanks for taggin me, it sounds like fun! I am really super new to all of this Blog Stuff, so i hope I can figure out how to play along!

Raimi said...

I totally agree, Lisa B. & Debby need to jump on the blog bandwagon. Sorry about the tough drop off. As you know, it gets better.

Nancy ~ Inkcicles said...

Love them 7 random facts about you! I can identify with a couple but I'm not gonna say which ones. ;-)
Who doesn't organize their clothes and makes sure that the hangers are all going the right way?

Thanks for including me.


Lisa said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the tough drop off with Jake! As Raimi said, it WILL get better! Poor guy!

I DO plan to start a blog -- soon! If I had time, this vacation would've totally been worth posting. My goal is to start one BEFORE CHRISTMAS! Wish me goood luck! I'll have to think about my 7 random things.....

Lisa said...

this is a test

Eve said...

testing you back sista-

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