Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge #40……

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It is the amazing Jen’s turn to pick out theme this week. This is what Jen has to say……..
Blue. Edward loves Bella in blue.

"That color blue looks lovely with your skin," he said, watching me. I was surprised; I looked down, flushing, of course.

So this week the challenge is simple... create anything you want focusing on the color blue. Twilight related? Well that's up to you.
Comment challenge... What's your favorite color to wear and why?

Here is my blue card:



I did some stitching on the machine……..IMG_9144This button came with a sweater I bought and the fibers came with another sweater I had bought. They were the little packs that are included to have as extras? Well I never use them. By the time they would need them- the sweater needs to go in the trash right? I just always add those type things to my craft stash!


As always, make sure you make your rounds and check out all the wonderful projects the other DT members did!

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            Deconstructing Jen said...

            Eve... holy cow!!! This is amazing. I love that you used the AI stamp for the sentiment. And everything else about this is just perfect. Awesome job!!!

            Julie said...

            This is beautiful, Eve! I love the color choice - and that sentiment is perfect. Beautiful card!

            Erica said...

            I love this card. I love how you combined patterns. I always stash my extra button for crafting as well! Love it!

            Jacqueline said...

            Oh this is gorgeous Eve! I love the touches of blue, it is perfect! The stitching is so cute and I do the same thing with my extra buttons!! Yours fits perfectly!! Love it! Hugs!

            Dani said...

            What a perfect blue! Love your card, it is as lovely as you are !!

            I also stash my extra buttons in my craft jars. Of course I now need to find one for one of my outfits and I can't! I may have used it on a card!! LOL!

            Alyssa said...

            This is great! Love that you stash those extra little buttons too! :o)

            Tanya said...

            This is wonderful!!!! I love your blue card!

            I know, I recently moved all those extra buttons to my craft area. We never use them either!

            Alison said...

            What an awesome idea to use those extra buttons and thread! Brilliant! And your card is so very pretty!

            TheScrappyMama said...

            Very nice! I like your idea about the little buttons and fibers that come with garments. I usually just trashed them! ~ScrappyTwiholic

            Donna Maria said...

            Hah Eve...That's what i do too! I get the best buttons and extra ribbon and thred from those little packs!

            I LOVE this card...It is just stunning! Beautiful work and the saying...perfect! Just totally wonderful Sweetie! Xx

            Debby said...

            VERY cute!

            susy said...

            Very nice, glad I'm not the only button saver, some of them are just too cute to be left lying in a drawer somewhere :-)

            Anonymous said...

            OME! I love this card! It is positively gorgeous! And how smart of you to use the sweater button and thread!! This is a truly gorgeous card! Great job!

            Leigh Ann Baird said...

            Stunningly gorgeous!

            Lisa said...

            Love the card! Love the idea about the extra buttons! Plus, if you ever DO need that extra button, you'll always know where it is! ha ha

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