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Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge #38…..

Last week TTIC took the week off as a little vacation and to play catch up. Well this week we are back at it again!


Bella-and-Edward-in-the-meadow-twilight-series-2111530-286-171 Dani picked this week’s challenge!

This week's challenge we will focus on the honeymoon scene from Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer. If you have not read this book beware, there will be spoilers!
I’m nothing if not thorough.
Edward Cullen, Breaking Dawn, Chapter 5, p.78
He didn’t ask what I was thinking, which was out of character for him.
I guessed that meant that he was just as nervous as I suddenly was.
Bella Cullen, Breaking Dawn, Chapter 5, p.79
Breaking Dawn has so many wonderful scenes and one of my favorites is the honeymoon that Edward took Bella on after they were married. What a romantic time for them. Alone on a tropical island… sigh. This is the stuff that dreams are made of.
The Challenges:
Craft – Make something that you feel represents Bella and Edward’s honeymoon.
Comment – Tell us about your honeymoon (no personal details please!). Did you go somewhere or see something special? Or did you just hide out from the world and enjoy being with your new spouse?
If you haven’t been on a honeymoon, that is ok! What is your dream honeymoon?

Here is my card: (Isle Esme)


I used a lot of hand cutting and paper tearing for this card.IMG_6367


As always, make sure you make your rounds and check out all the wonderful projects the other DT members did!

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            Jacqueline said...

            Gorgeous card Eve! Love the warm rich island colors!! Love it!!

            Dani said...

            WOW! What an amazing card!! You did such a lovely job on this! great colors and layout!!

            Alison said...

            I love how you have the paper coming off the card! Great idea!

            Jamee said...

            your card is amazing!!!

            Debby said...
            This comment has been removed by the author.
            Debby said...

            Oops! I had major typos on the last comment - duh!

            Anyway...what a beautiful card, very elegant. I love the rich colors.

            Donna Maria said...

            This is absolutely gorgeous Eve....I LOVE the colours....Brillant..As usual! Xx

            Leigh Ann Baird said...

            You are so creative! Love the card and I enjoyed the honeymoon part of the book too. Very romantic.

            Jen said...

            This is really lovely Eve. I absolutely love the colors and I love how you went outside the edges of the card. This is a fantastic little card!

            Anonymous said...

            This is fantastic! All these cards are making me want a beach vacation!

            Julie said...

            Wow - this is beautiful and creative and clever! You think of the absolute coolest things to make! Beautiful job!

            Rebecca said...

            Ooooooh its so pretty! love the tearing and the paper you used!

            TheScrappyMama said...

            Wow, Eve, that is a beautiful card! I love the tree coming up out of the card. ~ ScrappyTwiholic

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