Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Twilight – The Greeting Farm Challenge……

 The Greeting Farm sent out this adorable little image of Edward to all the design team members!  Isn’t he adorable?  If you would like to order your own lil’ Eddie click here.  The stamps are wonderful and very reasonable as well!

Creative Portion: Create a card/project using this color theme: Red, Black, White or Silver
You must use a Greeting Farm Stamp!

Comment Portion: Why do the majority of us always reach for the same color scheme to create a Twilight project? I know that I am always reaching for my Reds, Blacks, Whites and Silvers... What colors do you always use?

Well here is my lil’ Eddie!  Using the Red, Black, White and Silver……


I stamped the image several times on several different types/textures of paper.  I hand cut out his hair, shirt, and pants.




IMG_9324    Of course I had to add some stickles to make him sparkle.  And then I took my gold pen to his eyes to give them that well “fed” look!  (Because as you can clearly see- this Edward is very sweet and harmless!)


As always, make sure you make your rounds and check out all the wonderful projects the other DT members did!

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            Jacqueline said...

            I love this Eve!! Great Edward!! Love how he sparkles!!

            Alyssa said...

            This is great! Love that sparkly, well fed feel to him! LOL :o)

            Jen said...

            That is so cute Eve! And wow, girl you have been busy today!!!

            I love the sparkle and how awesome that you pieced him together... great idea.

            Margie said...

            What a lil cutie-pie! I love how he sparkles! You did an outstanding job, Eve! :*)

            Julie said...

            Oh my Edward! This is fantastic -- this card is one my fave Twilight projects that you've done! Amazing job! I also made my Edward's eyes gold...

            Jamee said...

            ooohh hes so sparkly :)
            great card!

            Debby said...

            That is SO, SO adorable...!!!
            I love the way you even made him SPARKLE. Makes him seem so innocent, which makes him even MORE appealing! btw...I saw him on the Ellen show today (I'm sure it was filmed some time ago), but it was still fun to see him and listen to him talk (love that accent).

            Dani said...

            How cute!! He sure does sparkle!! :)

            Lisa Dones said...

            LOVE, LOVE The Eddie Stamp.... my kind of vampire :o)

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