Friday, July 17, 2009

Starbucks Book……………..

***** EDIT.....please see sketch post for info on where to purchase Starbucks stamp used in sketch post.

After my post on Wed. with my Starbucks card- I remembered that I never posted a little Starbucks book I made with my bind it all a few month back. (I think it was during the crazy Holiday season if truth be known….)

I used a Starbucks sleeve for the the quote and logo. I punched out the circle- and cut out the quote.IMG_6361 I took an acetate page and stitched it together for the first page – so you are able to “slip” a Starbucks gift card into it!IMG_6362 I added several blank pages with a little strip of the same patterned paper from the front and back cover to each page.IMG_6363 Front and back cover…………IMG_6364

I made the hanging charms- by punching out the logo from the little tiny plastic cups. (They sometimes give you samples in them.) If you go to the store and ask- they will give you some! I then added metal charms for coffee and a heart and a matching snowflake!


On another note……I get the email updates from Starbucks. And on the last one the showed the cute little key chain gift card. What a cute idea huh?


feature5Alright I gotta run…….

Venti shaken black iced tea unsweetened – no water is calling my name!


Leigh Ann Baird said...

OMG, I love this! You are so cool, Eve! I really want to make the keychain. I sent you an e-mail, but thanks again for the awesome RAK!

Debby said...

Super cute!

Kristen said...

love that mini gift cute is that? but how do you order tea with no water? :)

Jamee said...

that is super cute!!!

Lisa said...

Love it! Super cute, as always!

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