Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Special Bonus Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge: Collaboration with Dragonflycurls ……………

Today we are so excited to tell you we are doing an EXTRA challenge today!  Graciously sponsored by Audra at Dragonflycurls.


She makes some amazing handmade Twilight themed stamps.  Make sure you go and check out her site!

Here is the link for her etsy store:

And here is the special bonus challenge for you:

What team do you play for? Team Edward or Team Jacob? Are you still loyal to your original team? Or have you switched sides? Or do you play for both teams now? Let's show some love for the boys ladies! Fangs or fur, vamp bites or dog breath? Have the trailers for New Moon maybe changed your opinion of who you used to like? Come on honest!

Sincere thanks to goes out to Audra from all of us at Twilight Tuesday. We’re really happy to collaborate with dragonflycurls for this fun challenge!

Our Design Team has played along with the challenge today – visit their blogs to see their creations!

Alison ~ Beth ~Dani ~Donna ~ Eve ~ Jacquie~ Jen ~ Julie ~(Filling in for Margie is.....Erica)~ Tonya

Please join in and play along with us and leave a comment with your link!

If you do, here are a few guidelines to follow:

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Comments/Posting your link: Please leave a comment with the link to your challenge piece to tell us that you played along with us! Then we can all visit you and leave lovely comments for you. We are big fans of comments around here! And don’t forget — leaving a comment on this post will get you entered into this month’s blog candy giveaway!  (We are no longer using Mr. Linky as we were having trouble with spam and frequent downtime.)

We can not wait to see your creations!

Well I have a few pictures to share with you of MY creations:


Well my first card is for team Edward.  I do have to say that I do still play for this team! 


I punched out one of those red flocked circles to make a little red flocked heart to show my LOVE……IMG_9350

As much as I do love Edward…..I am starting to like Jacob more than I used to.  So this is a card to share for all the Team Jacob Fans…… {I just HAD to make TWO projects for this special challenge because the images are just so special!}

IMG_9364 It is hard to see….but the paper is a handmade paper with gold, silver, and copper embossed leaves…..
I also did a hand stitch around the team Jacob tag.


Cute little metal charms…..hand stitched on…….IMG_9362


Hope you enjoyed it!  Audra makes some amazing stamps!  They really do make for some great projects!


Jacqueline said...

Beautiful cards Eve!! I Love them!!The paper is so perfect for both!! I think as Twilight fans we will always have understanding of both sides! :) Hugs!

Julie said...

Oh my -- you did an amazing job on these! I'm not surprised, though, since you always do! Thank you for all you did to make this challenge happen today! You're the best. XO

Dani said...

Good heavens what great cards!! I love both of them, they are perfect for their teams!! The dp on the Team Edward card is lovely. The hand stitching and charms on the Team Jacob really adds a great touch!

Alison said...

Wow! These are really fantastic! I adore the different patterns you chose to put together! And those charms are fab! These are really fantastic!

Anonymous said...

OME!!! Holy crow Eve! Your details on these cards are amazing!! Both cards are beautiful! I love the Team Edward one. The layers and patterns are beautiful! Rock on girlfriend!

Leigh Ann Baird said...

Gorgeous work and awesome of you to do both teams! I hear Jacob is really hunky in the next movie. Is it fickle of me to be constantly switching teams?? LOL

I will not think of shark boy. I will not think of shark boy.

Donna Maria said...

Eve...Wow! the cards are just amazing...All the detail and work you put into them....They are a perfect representation of both teams! Thank you so much for organising this challenge I had sooo much fun! Xx

- No it's not my handwriting...I wish! I used Factory Scrapbook Deluxe.

Erica said...

I love these cards. The Team Edward card is great and I love the red flocked heart. I also love the Team Jacob card. The paper is perfect. Great job and thank you so much for putting this challenge together. I love it!

Deconstructing Jen said...

These are wonderful Eve. I love all the papers in the Edward card an oh my, all the hand detailing on the Jacob card is just amazing. I adore the stitching. Fabulous job!

Debby said...

Beautiful cards, Eve!
Sounds like you are being charmed by those New Moon trailers...I'm telling Edward! LOL

Audra said...

Wow! You did such a wonderful job! I was wondering if I could use a photo or two of yours in my shop to show what the stamp can look like- with credit to you of course!

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