Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Six Flags.....

See the Taz- in the picture? That is how we felt at the end of the day!
This is us going into the main gates! Notice we are excited and not yet DEAD!
I LOVE this one of Lissa and Rob! She is such a daredevil- that could not go on enough rides! Roar was her favorite- she went on it 3 times! Believe it or not the park was not that busy- so the lines were not TOO long! Logan was afraid of all the rides- he would consider it until it would invert- then he was out! And poor Jake wanted to go on ALL the rides- but was not tall enough! Logan and Jake liked the Tony Hawk ride the best.
Monsoon...... this one is always fun and wet!
Hope you all had a fun safe weekend!


Holli said...

How fun!!! You guys look like you had a great time....I'm glad you got to do that :)

Berrygirl said...

I LOVE that pic of Lissa! every kid should experience that level of terrifying joy next to thier dad on a rollercoaster at least once in life!! Great pics of your darling family, thanks for sharing

Jason | Sarah | Dean | Jane said...

Your kids look all grown up! What an adorable family. ~sarah

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