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Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge #36…………Special AI partnership challenge!

So many things say “Twilight” to the multitudes of Twilight fans. What images do you think of when you think about the Twilight books and movies? For some, Twilight means an apple, for some, the chess piece on the cover of Breaking Dawn, and for others, Bella’s truck conjures it up. Many fans love to express their Twilight love by choosing a “team” to root for, and others have favorite quotes from the book that are near and dear to them. Please create a piece that expresses what comes to mind when YOU think of the Twilight saga.
For the comment portion of the challenge: Many people often say that reading the Twilight saga has been life-changing. Please share how the saga has changed your own life or made you view life in a different way.

This week we are having a special partnership with Artful INKables! Below you will see the two new Twilight Themed stamp sets they have come out with. And WOW are they amazing! Not just the images….but also the quality of the stamps is beyond wonderful. Nice clean crisp images! I really enjoyed working with the stamps! Click here if you would like to order some for yourself! Thank you Artful INKables for sending these out to us!

Don’t forget that today’s challenge is a team effort, with members of the Artful INKables Design Team playing along with these new stamps as well! Get ready to start your blog hopping! Please stop by and show ‘em some Twilighter love!
Kristin, owner of Artful INKables ~Joy ~Elena ~ Holly ~ Joanne ~Velta

twibanner3 650290_d650294_d



Are you ready to see what I came up with these little dandy’s?

I have ALWAYS been a team EDWARD fan. However………..6a00d83451efd569e201053651aa3e970c-500wi Beth is REALLY going to LOVE to see me say this…………

newmoon_Jacob_Bella&WolfPack_1280x800New-Moon-HD-twilight-series-6506069-500-333 Have you seen the new trailer for New Moon? All I can say is WOW. I may not be as sad as I thought I would be about not seeing as much Eddie in this upcoming movie!
So with that said……..


I stamped the image of the wolf- and then went over it very carefully with stickles. I used the platinum color. IMG_9056

Gotta add the beads……..IMG_9057

Love this quote……….IMG_9058




So what is it? Fangs or Fur? Hmmmmm………

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Stampvamp said...

You did a BEAUTIFUL job with this! I love how you used the Stickles! And the beads are the perfect touch! That paper you used was perfect too.

Jacqueline said...

Beautiful Eve!! Love the wolf covered in stickles, everything needs a little sparkle! ;) LOVE the beads, what a perfect touch! great card!!

Pat (mspfd) said...

Awesome creation. Wonderful background, great job on the image. Everything works so well together!

Margie said...

It seems that Jacob has a lot of us on the edge lately ;) lol!
OMJ! I love how you outlined the image using stickles! Gorgeous!!!

Leigh Ann Baird said...

Eve, you have done it again! This is great! I hear Jacob is really hunky in the new movie--maybe I'll forget he's shark boy. LOL

Those stamp sets rock!

Whoopsie Daisy! said...

Wow, Eve! Love your take on this beauty! The beads did me in... the perfect embellishment for this card. Had to laugh out loud at the sentiment, "Fangs or Fur". That's so funny!! Love this card! xx

Erica said...

This card is lovely! I love the sparkles...Stickles are my fav! You did great!

Joanne Travis said...

I love your card!! The wolf image is fabulous. Looking forward to the next movie too :)

Julie said...

What a FANTASTIC card! Like everyone else, I have to chime in on your amazing use of Stickles -- that took a TON of patience and control to outline the image that way! The end result is just beautiful. I have that shade of Stickles as well and LOVE it.

Deconstructing Jen said...

This is just beautiful Eve. I love the use of the sparkles for the wolf. That is a really nice touch. And I also really like the color palette you used. Fantastic job!!

Donna Maria said...

WOW....Ummm HELLO! Perfect card!....This is just awesome Eve...I LOVE everthing about it...Then again, I love all your work! YOU ROCK! Xx

Debby said...

WOW! That's awesome! Love the wolf and YES! the trailer is awesome too. gives me goosebumps...

Hey, did you hear about "Edward" getting hit by a taxi in NY last week...? Poor Edward darling, good things vampires heal quickly (lol)

Dani said...

Woohoo! I finally was able to see what wonderful projects you made this week. You have such a steady hand to go over the image with stickles!! Lovely!!! Great beads and layout!!

Steph said...

WOW! I love it Eve, it's just perfect!

heeeheee, that is a great saying!

Ella Press said...

I'm not a Jacob fan, but you did an awesome job with those stamps! Nice!
I did an Eddie inspired project :P
Check it out: http://theclockmonkey2.blogspot.com/2009/06/twilight-tuesday-inspiration-challenge_23.html

See ya!

Rebecca said...

OME! Beautiful card! Absolutely love, love, love it! Those beads are a gorgeous accent!

Tanya said...

That wolf is awesome! Great project! I seriuosly love your little details like the beads!

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