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Twilight Tuesday Inspiration.................

This week over at TTIC it’s catch up week. We are going back through all 33 (GASP! Really 33… I KNOW!) of the past challenges and redoing, recycling or completing anything that might have been skipped.
Thanks to Jen!!! Here's a list of all the previous challenges:

1. Rosalie Hale
2. Forks High School
3. Edward’s Meadow
4. Alice Cullen
5. Which team are you?
6. Rain
7. Emmett Cullen
8. Bella Swan
9. Twilight the Movie
10. Which Twilight heroine are you?
11. A very Cullen Christmas
12. Twilight Quotes
13. Supporting characters
14. Baseball
15. Twilight cars
16. Twilight music
17. Jacob Black
18. Twilight Valentine’s
19. The Villains
20. Italy
21. Renee Dwyer
22. Bella’s Birthday
23. St. Patrick’s Day
24. Carlisle Cullen
25. Celebrate YOUR favorites
26. The Void
27. Jasper Hale
28. Bella and Edward’s Wedding
29. Bella and Jacob as BFF’s
30. The Ballet Studio
31. Graduation
32. The Great Northwest
33. New Moon Quotes

So I am re-posting a layout and posting that I did back in August. This is from the Breaking Dawn midnight release party that I went to with my friend Raimi. Enjoy!

August 20th, 2008
I have been dying to do this layout. Normally I scrap in date order. However I felt the need to get this one done! Currently I am @ 9 months behind. However I still have some projects that I need to go back and complete. So I am not as caught up as it sounds! Plus I do a ongoing family album, sports albums for all the kids, school albums for each kid, and a Girl Scout album for Alissa. So many layouts that I have to do several of so everyone gets one! So this is a FUN layout for just me! Something that I will be able to look back at and laugh I am sure! Something Alissa - years from now when she reads the series will enjoy.
I had the thought of this layout in my head for a few weeks- so I was finally able to get it together and get it done! You can click on the layout or any of the pictures if you want to read the journaling or see things closer. I used my blog entry for that day as my journaling! I also used a fun Halloween paper that was dark with trees and a full moon. I cut a slit in the layout to add the program from Barnes and Noble - discretely and sanded all the photos.

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Go check it out! You will be glad you did!


Dani said...

Thanks for reposting this! I don't remember seeing it the first time. Looks like you had a blast!!!

Jacqueline said...

Great pages!!! Looks like sooo much fun!! great job!!

Leigh Ann Baird said...

I wish I could scrapbook like you! Maybe one day...

Raimi said...

That was a fun night! I still need to scrap my pictures. I scrap out of order all the time & it's still not done :-)!

Hope you are doing well Eve! Miss ya!

Rebecca said...

Wonderful! Love it and it looks like you had such fun!

Donna Maria said...

Now that is one cool layout Eve...I love it!! I was only just discovering Twilight when Breaking Dawn was realesed so i missed out on all the fun and excitement.....there's a thought! What was my life like before Twilight?! I can hardly remember lol! Xx

Deconstructing Jen said...

That is such a cool layout and I really LOVE that fold out you made. The design of it is just awesome!!

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