Friday, June 19, 2009

Teacher’s Year End Gifts………………….

IMG_8529 IMG_8530


What do you make with these…………….?????



And what can you use these awesome boxes for once you have used all the awesome product that came in them?

Well I saw this cute little idea in my July/August Paper Crafts magazine…..

And I said to myself….”This would make a great gift for all the kids teachers.”  (Two male teachers included.)
Then I found this cute owl image in clip art.  And I thought- “huh I can make that!”
I know……my owl looks like he is on CRACK!  But I still like him!
So do you want to see the finished project????
Those would be “roasted” pom poms……..


I DO!!!

Stole a big role of my hubby’s twine from the Men’s Club out in the garage.  (Remember – I had to man it up!!)


Inside the box………….
And the best part about this box is once you give it away- they can pay it forward!  Re-cycle and re-use!!!


Jacqueline said...

This gift is amazing!! What an awesome way to reuse this box!! I LOVE the "marshmellows"!! The hershey bars brought me here :)

kristen said...

turned out super cute, eve!

Steph said...

Eve- this is brilliant! I bet they loved it...and probably made smores in the teacher's lounge Microwave!

Tanya said...

This is awesome! I love your owl and toasted pompoms and the twig...awesoem!

Leigh Ann Baird said...

Wowza! I want to make something like this! Thanks for the inspiration, you rock!

Jamee said...

OOOHHH That is such a neat idea!!! I hate marshmallows but I LOVE smores!!! Your card is so adorable!!!

Erica said...

What a cute idea! I love how it turns out. Ok, so you are right, your owl looks a little tweeked up, but SOOOO adorable. As a soon to be teacher, my eyes tend to look like that because of all the caffeine necessary to keep up with the kids. I think it is perfect!

Allison said...

This is brilliant! And I just love the way you decorated it (those cotton puffs are fab!).

Karen from PA said...

I love this! What a fantastic gift. I love all the details you added. It's really great!!!

Lisa said...

Love it! When ya gonna sell your stuff? Seriously. I'd totally buy it, you know, cause I'd never make one that looked that cute!

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