Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge #26............

This challenge was MY pick. I thought long and hard about this one. One of the most significant parts in the books for me was the VOID. How you actually had to flip thru the pages with just the months written on them. I think everyone can probably relate to that part in the book really. That feeling of helplessness and loss. And I think everyone has gone thru that feeling of love and loss. So this week I wanted to touch on that a little bit.

Here is my project for this week....................

I used Club Scrap product for this one. Make sure you check out here what I am getting this month for the kit. WOW.....is all I can say. I had to share- cause it is so stinkin' pretty.

Speaking of sharing......here are two poems I wrote long long ago that I wanted to share. Be kind friends.......long long time ago - being the key here! I felt these related to Bella and Edward. I am sure Holli remembers these. Maybe this will prompt my childhood friend to share some of her wonderful poems on her blog! :)

Forgetting You

Sometimes I find myself thinking back to you
Remembering the times spent between the two of us
Recalling the summer days- the smoldering heat
The passion, the feeling of falling so helplessly in love
I also recall the winter nights- the snow falling down around us
And the warm tears streaming down my face
That you so generously evoked
I'm not sure how to forget you
I'm not positive where to begin
Perhaps you can help me- to get back to where we were
To the place where it all began
To maybe try it all over again
I still love you-
And I am afraid I always will
Even though you hurt me
You still live on in me-
Perhaps forever.......................

Hearts Intertwined

In the heart of every being
Lies a stillness anxiously awaiting to be stirred
Calmly enduring every day
Every heartache so carelessly administered
Deep in the woods stands a tree
A solemn oak
A promise of you and me
Two names in carved into the bark
Ever so subtle intertwined by a heart
Unlike the forgotten tree
You still live on in me
The rain keeps falling onto the tree
Just like the tears that cry out of me
How could I ever be so careless
As to allow someone like you to walk right out of my life?

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Lisa said...

Beautiful card, beautiful poems. You are multi-talented my friend!
Miss you!

Debby said...

Beautiful card AND lovely poems (seriously!). I'll go dry my eyes now...

Julie said...

Eve -- the poems are GORGEOUS -- really beautiful and evocative. It was so good of you to share them. Thank you for such a thought-provoking theme for this week!

bellacarta said...

Love your poems! Kudos for putting yourself "out there" and I love your card, just lovely!

Beth said...

This is so pretty! And the poems are perfect... Welcome Back!

Dani said...

I love your card as well as your beautiful poetry! How perfect!!

Bonnie said...

Wow Eve...I'm speechless. I had never thought about those empty pages but we all do have them. Love the card, and the poems...well, they brought tears to my eyes. Awesome creations.

Leigh Ann Baird said...

The poems are beautiful. Wow. I wrote a poem once in college and my wonderful husband horse laughed. What a butt. It wasn't supposed to be funny.

stampvamp said...

This is beautiful, Eve! I'm with Rebecca in saying kudos for putting yourself out there. I, too, have a few poems from high school. But you are way braver than I!! Your poems were fantastic. BIG, HUGE HUGS!

Christy said...

Love your blog. The card is beautiful as is the Poems. They are totally wonderful. Thanks for the comment on my blog.

Donna Maria said...

The poems were beautiful Eve..... and the card...well, that is just gorgeous!! You do beautiful work.

Margie said...

Very touching Eve!
Thank you for sharing your poems! They are wonderful - I hope to see more :)
This was a great challenge! I need to go find some tissues now ;)

Jill said...

Totally loved the poems!!! Thanks for posting them!! The card is beautiful too. And I agree that the pages with just the months on them were painful to go through. Agony.

Holli said...

Oh maybe someday I will ;) I do so remember these poems and I so remember the teenage angst behind them too. You know every time I think about Mac2Nite I hear that Bug engine and remember that night of him circling and circling....LOL. Oh my god...too funny! Miss you much Eve-a-ling

Erica said...

I love the cards. I especially love the little beads on the rope as accent. Gorgeous card!

Sparkle4Me said...

I love your poems. They made me remember one that I had done that would go so well wit hte book New Moon. I might be brave enough to post it later on my blog. Great job!

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