Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Little Wounded Eagle..................

The elbow is at the top of this Xray.
You can see the crack where he fractured it.
If you are my friend over on Facebook then you have already seen these. I wanted to share with all my blogging friends as well!

Jake- "The next time I break my arm...."
Me- "No, no honey there will not be a next time"
Jake- "yes, when I break my arm next time I want a black cast"
Me- "No, no honey we are not doing this again"
Jake- "I like the glow in the dark- but I want a black one too"

My extreme child.
One of the many casts I am sure.
Honestly.....I am surprised this is the first........!!!!!


Lisa said...

Absolutely adorable! I can totally hear you saying "no no honey, this won't happen again". :-)

Margie said...

Awww, lol!
I can definitely imagine having that conversation with one of my boys, lol!
We've have close to stitches about 3 times for each kid, no breaks yet - I cannot even think about it! ;)
TFS! I hope he recuperates quickly and well :)

Leigh Ann Baird said...

Poor little guy! My oldest daughter broke her arm and had to wear a cast during a small portion of summer vacation. She fell off a stool in my mother's yard while trying to look at a low hanging bird's nest. She tried to brace her fall with her hands and got a broken arm for the effort. She got a waterproof, pink cast and was really grouchy.

Have you gotten the bill yet? ugh. We were charged around $1,000 for the nurse to put the cast on her arm (about a 10 minute job)- this did not include x-rays,cast materials or the physician's fee. Then we got the ER bill. I paid less to give birth to her. LOL

Debby said...

What a little dude! Kamakaze boy! My older brother was like that! Many cast, many mom had many trips to the ER with my brother(s).

Tanya said...

hahaha! Love it! he looks so happy too!
I know, don't you love those kinds of discussions where they just don't GET what you're saying?!

Holli said...

Oh poor love that crap though you know? Nothing fazes 'em! How cute he is wanting to do it again....that's hilarious!

Berrygirl said...

He looks real wounded....actually he looks really proud!!!

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