Thursday, January 8, 2009

So Much To Blog..................... I will just do one HUGE post. I have gotten some RAK's in the mail that I have been meaning to share.

I got this yesterday from Rebecca:
All TWILIGHT color scheme........
Ribbons and papers...... you all know how I feel about ribbon and papers......ooooohhhhh
I can visualize so many great TWILIGHT projects already! You are TOO sweet Rebecca! Thank you kindly.

The next is from Tonya:
Adorable little 3x3 card & her super cute new card...............
Beads................I have not used them for a while. These little buggers made me pull out and stash and organize. They used to live in the garage. They have now upgraded to in the house with the scrap supplies. I plan to incorporate these into more of my projects!
Okay okay - anyone that knows me knows Ribbon is my FAV...............
Faith stickers.......big plans for these!
Jar filled with yummies............
It looks like she may have put rub-ons onto the jar.....???
Sweet little brads................
Tonya did a full posting on this little book yesterday. I am in the works of making a few myself.
It is the cutest little Bella book! I love it!

Make sure you go to Tonya's blog and look at her post. Her pictures and details put mine to shame. Her posting does little book the justice it deserves!
Thank you Tonya!!!!

So here is one of the things I have been working on with my BIA:
Yep - that is right....I took my Xmas cards and made little books. I plan to put these in with the Xmas decorations every year. It will be great to pull out and look at all the pictures from the years before. Also a quick reference to see who sent us cards!

Some of my blogging friends may see their cards here!

I think this is a great way to save all those lovely picture cards we get!

Onto a layout:
I got this back from Green Tangerines:
{Sorry pic is at an angle- it was late and I did not want the glare...}
It was a kit of the week a while back.

I got this from Jen:

She does the most beautiful work. I get so many comments on this necklace. If you would like to order one- or another piece of her beautiful custom work - check out her out here and drop her a note. She is super sweet!
Thanks Jen!

Okay I think I am done for now.................
I know there is more- but I am not sure how many of you are still with me.
Deep breath........


Anonymous said...

This is an AWESOME idea--BIA the Christmas cards! I LOVE it! I'm definitely doing that next year!!! And I really like the pictures you took of the book...can I borrow them? I'm going to make a tutorial.

Raimi said...

What a cute idea for all the Christmas are the BINDING fool :)(that was typed with lots of LOVE). TFS!

kristen said...

the bia xmas cards turned out are so smart to keep it wtih your xmas decorations! :)

Tanya said...

Very clever with the Christmas Card books!!! I have little stacks wrapped in rubber bands for each year...!
And that layout is super fun!

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