Friday, January 2, 2009

Friday Favorite Five..............

1. I LOVE this new tea I got. Vanilla Chai Tea. It is very smooth and velvety & creamy.
2. This is a great pick me up in the afternoon! Energizing Black Tea.
3. As always- glad to be an American.
4. These guys are my BFF's. They have made my life so much more easier. Changed my laundry life.
5. I love clean white sneakers. These are my newest pair- not SO clean I know. They are very comfy!


Debby said...

Ugh! You're killing me...with the pic of your washer/dryer...As you know, my washer had an electronic glitch and pooped-out on me pm Christmas Eve. I spent about 4 hours yesterday at my mother-in-law's doing wash yesterday and plan to go back over today to do some more...I am SO grateful that she is close and lets me do that though. What a blessing that is. The other option would be the local laundromat (yuck!) I have another week and a half until the part comes in. That's another 7-10 days w/o our washer! I know you all know how quickly a family of 4 (or more) bring on the dirty laundry (and the piles drive me crazy!). Happy Friday to all!

It is the little things (like a washer) that we are grateful for that make OUR lives as mom's SO much easier.

Bonnie said...

Eve, stop by my blog to pick up an award. I thank you again for all the help and inspiration.

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